etsy Treasuries!

Fred the Dino was added to Lindykedro‘s Treasury called Being Single.

Fred is Very pleased to be featured. :)

And then yesterday, Trixie the Girlbot was featured in VintageInBloom‘s Treasury called Robot Love.

Thank you both for the features! I am very happy to know that people like my friends!

Here’s a link to my etsy page, if you’d like to adopt Trixie or Fred.
A Very Good Coat Rack etsy Shop

More Random Sewing Projects

So.. i decided to create a few little critters. I’ve only got red, burgundy and grey fleece, so an elephant was a good idea. I sewed up a square one based on my new designs these past few weeks. I like sewing elephants. His ears and tail are made with the same fabric as the navigation case I made for my sister a few days ago.

Then I attempted to sew 2 little guys from the new book I bought. Socks Appeal. The stripey guy is an owl made from an ankle sock, and the pink blobby thing is supposed to be a “hamster” (made from an old T-Shirt, not a sock though). HaHa! He kind of reminds me of the Ugly Dolls. They were 100% hand sewn while, you guessed it, watching TV. :) It’s a calming thing for me…

Better pictures of the Elephant to come. He’ll be in my etsy shop soon enough! Hopefully the other Square plush look just as cute as he does. :)

How to keep Your GPS safe (and warm)…

My sister got a new GPS for Christmas or something, I forget when… She takes it with her everywhere, even in other people’s cars. She wanted a little pouch-like case to cover it up safely while she’s escorting it from car to car.

So we measured it out..
Choose some fabrics..
Picked out a button…

.. and I came up with this!

It was really easy to make. Getting the button placement right was really the hardest part. It took about an hour to make, trial and error (sizing issues).. I had to remember the right way to attach the lining, it’s burgundy fleece. I got to use my trusty Loop Turner for the button loop. If you don’t have one (and you make loops or tunnels)… get one! I LOVE it. It saves me some time and my fingers don’t hurt from poking a pencil through, haha. no ripped seams either! I need to go to Jo Ann Etc for some more fleece for my plush, and to raid the sewing supplies aisle. I always find useful tools there.

Customer Appreciation Photo, haha.

A few more Square Pillowy Plush

Some more of the little guys that i plan to create out of fleece and hope and fun. I’m excited to start! i gotta make a list of colors to buy and how much… then the fun begins… it’s hard to renovate a house and and make ANYTHING at the same time! :)

Haha You can’t see skunk’s eyes.. they’re there! I promise! Oh, and that first brown thing.. that’s a chipmunk.. yeah, i know, I should’ve looked at animal references… close enough!

I think am in love with the tiger and bunny.

IF: Chicken x2

This is my second IF of this week. My first post took the theme as literally as possible. So for this one, I decided to think outside the chicken-shaped box and do a cute couple of chicken/ egg farmers.

A girl named Suzie and a boy named Sue. (that’s the extent of my J. Cash tribute skills)

Hope you like them. I was going to watch tv while drawing them, but my sister was watching the Jersey Shore. Therefore, I stuck to my room and a CD. I highly HIGHLY recommend the XX’s self tiled album as either background music, or driving music. It is truly amazing. :)

Digital Plush Plans

I always thought it’d be neat to be an architect, and work on blue prints all day. I like to plan things out before i do them 50% of the time. Most of those times, i choose to do it with my sketchbook, or digitally, that way i can see what works, and what might look really really awful, haha.

Here are some of my square plushies drawn out in adobe illustrator. Until i think of better names, say hello to Mr. Bear and Mr. Lion. Front, side and back view, haha.

This is what i do at work mostly, except there are child safety warnings, and a lot of measurements all over the place. This is more fun to make anyway!

As soon as i get my hands on some fleece, IT. IS.ON! :)

* Keep a lookout for more designs in the upcoming weeks! Feedback is always appreciated. I want to know what you like, or what you’d change. You are all my customers! You are always right. ;) *

Amazon Shopping Spree

I bought about 10 new books off of Amazon with a few giftcards from Xmas… 2 came already! :

Written by Miyako Kanamori. Both start off with stories about each character, and are told like a children’s book (“Happy Gloves” is narrated by the Chipmunk on the cover hehe), with ideas, and patterns in the back! I plan to try them out, and create my own little fellows as well. :)

I have the “Complete Idiots Guide to Amigurumi” coming as well (i would love to learn how to crochet little critters as well is sew them!).. along with many other craft books. I’m super excited. Hopefully some came in the mail today. I must hurry home and check. :)

IF: Chicken

This is Chet the Chicken. He’s my first IF of this year! I know.. I’m falling behind..

I let Ian pick his name. :) I took the theme this week very literally. I drew Chet while watching “Undercover Boss” with Ian and his dad. I like to draw while watching tv.

Chet’s design was further inspired by the many plush floating around in my brain (inspired by this Amigurumi Pattern).. very square.. and simple. Since I’ve not enough patience to crochet more than a hat & potholder, I decided to adapt them to fabric patterns, and give my own spin on them. Brightly colored fleece would be ideal. Fleece is soft and easy to work with and very forgiving. I have plans for a dog, cat, bear, skunk, chipmunk, frog, lion, bunny, robot, monster, elephant.. and more!

Cuddly Square Baby Bear

Ian’s sister had her baby over the weekend! 4 lbs. 10oz. :) The cutest thing you’ll ever see.

Before our trip to visit her and baby Jakob Quinn, i decided to sew up a prototype of new plush based on Lion Brand Yarns Crochet pattern. This was attempt 1, Bear. :)

weirdest looking thing from the side.

its like a pillow with legs. :) possibly more pathetic pillows to come!