I’m Going Back to School?

I’m not going to blog the hell out of this topic, and Make it a whole big thing because frankly, I don’t even know if anyone who reads a craft blog really cares that I’m going back to art school.

But…. I AM! My classes are Drawing I and 2D Design. I’ve been going for 3 weeks now, and will be posting updates and projects and my experiences on my Art blog (which made more sense anyway). And I added a Page up top, out of the way for anyone who wants to read about it. First post is here!

It’ll be going on til December over at my Art Blog, Tweed Fox.
Drop in for a hello and maybe a critique?


Antiques & Such in Rhode Island part 2

Sorry for the MASSIVE delay in following up Part 1 of this 2 Part series.
These items were found all over over Rhode Island. A most were from a little shop called “Antique’s in the Attic” (actually located in a nice woman’s attic!)

I bought ziplock bags full of trim, buttons, beads, lace, and misc items.

$1 for a bag, I can’t pass that up. Such cute little trinkets. :)

I am obsessed with the vintage needles packaging. Now it’s all blister cards and paper. sigh…

Bag of vintage bobbins, $2.75 … only 5 actually fit my machine. I wonder what else i could do with these… some were awesomely old. :)

A Sweet little candy Dish!

But this is what i plan on using it for…

And More pyrex!

A little red Refrigerator Dish

And a lime green Single Serve Casserole Dish!

I’m gathering items for use and display in my sewing room! Hopefully it’ll be ready to move in there soon.

Take Care. I have another post of antiques and things for tomorrow. Ian took me to Hawley, PA for my birthday. If you’ve seen my flickr stream, you have a sneak peek! :)