Boy Meets Girl

As i said yesterday, i really did enjoy drawing myself and Ian. I hadn’t in a while. So last night I had the urge to draw our outfits yesterday. :) I think they came out alright.. I gotta work on my Guys eyes. Its hard not to make them look girly. Haha. :)

I used to HATE drawing people. I would tell others that I was terrible at drawing the human form. I am still not amazing. I couldn’t get all the details down. I couldn’t figure out how to draw the curves, the veins, the muscles, bumps, and angles right. Then, i realized that i don’t care. I draw what i want to draw, and no more. :) These are my humans. I admire someone who can draw photo-realistic. Ian is extremely good at that. Maybe I could if i spent days on it, but for cute little drawings, this will suffice. :)

I plan to either color them in marker or colored pencil tonight, or digitally in photoshop. i haven’t done THAT in years aside from backgrounds. :)

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Tomorrow is Kristen‘s Birthday! So a few people brought in some snacks and baked cupcakes and things. :) i had a bagel and some fruit. :) YUM!

I drew this illustration up for Kristen as well! Its got her yellow sweater, and her black & white scarf (which i adore). Hope she liked it! :D

Enjoy your concert at the Wellmont this weekend, Kristen!

These drawings are really fun to make for people. :) I missed a few birthdays lately though! Too many March babies to keep track of! Every other day its someone’s birthday, or was yesterday! My dad’s was yesterday! and Ian‘s is the 19th! and Rebecca‘s is the 21st! and many in between!