Plush Buzzard! and Thrifty Finds

So as my last post stated, I was commissioned to make a stuffed Buzzard for a friend of a friend. Here’s how it came out!

Concept drawing by yours truly. :)

Ian and I took a trip to the local thrift store the other day, here is my loot!

I am wearing this tie today as a headband, and I have better plans for it eventually.

Aren’t these coasters super sweet?? They are for my future craft room.

And last but not least, I had bought the same egg beater from a garage sale while on vacation in MA, but mine was so rusted it probably isn’t safe to touch food. Therefore, i got a new one to actually use.. and maybe I’ll hang the old up in my craft room with all my other antiques. :)

Keep an Eye out for some cool finds. :) I was mainly hunting for fabric and came home with those items a big storage container. I think I’m addicted to storage, but I barely have any! We’ll see what happens when I actually get my craft room. :)

Some Button Action this weekend

I had a lovely weekend off from home renovations. haha. :) So i decided to make some things from my vintage button collection. I had purchased many earring backs, ring bases, and hair/ brooch clips, and i wanted to put them to good use!

This is my disaster of a work area.

(i need a better space.. someday soon..)

and after mixing up some epoxy, I put together this ring. :)

I like it. a nice round brown button, with a pretty pearlized flower shaped button on top. I added some silver wire after the fact ( since the epoxy had oozed through the button holes).. thats a lesson.. add string or wire before epoxying…

It was super simple (after the epoxy set and they stayed put!) and it was really fun to make. I can’t wait to put together some more. I want more birthdays to come up so I can start making them for friends. :)

Sunday, I went to tea with Ian’s mother and sister, and my own mother and sister (for our mother’s bdays). We went to Charlotte’s Tea Room in Warwick, NY. It was so nice. if you are ever in the area, and want some nice tea in a beautiful house, (make a reservation) and stop in (and order the Big Red Sun tea, the Emperor’s New Salad, and the Cheesecake Petit fores, trust me! haha). It was a very nice time. :) OH, and I made my friend Rebecca some anchor earrings too. She asked if I wanted to take a photo, but I said nah.. but now I realize that I should’ve. Next time i see her I’ll snap one. :)

Enjoy the week!

Some New, Vintage & Antique Findings! #1

This is a small collection of recent findings from a range of Antique Stores, some Garage sales, and some stuff purchased on eBay as well. :)

I’ll post more detailed photos as I get the time. :)

This was my grandfathers lighter.. Not exactly pocket sized, huh?

& now, These are From an Antique Store/ Barn in Cold Spring, NY.

First a Salt (or Pepper) shaker. Only 1 though. It’s beautiful hand blown & etched glass! I didn’t buy his mate though. Couldn’t find it in the store! I hope to fill it with SOMEthing one day. Beads? Buttons? It’s tiny. i love it!

And sitting near the register/ money taking area, I got a multi-strand pearl necklace. Not sure how old, but it needed a nice cleaning, thats for sure!

I LOVE the bead caps near the clasp. :)

I also picked up two Bakelite rings. One green and one White. The white one shattered when I took a tumble. It was in great condition from the 1940s and it gets to me.. and i break it! Typical! Well the green one is still going strong! I don’t have any photos of them though.. sorry!

More Photos to come of all the other items! I Don’t want to overload you just yet. :) Stay tuned!

Winter Wonderland

Hello Again!
It seems people are posting all about their New Year’s resolutions. i didn’t have any ONE in mind… just a few thoughts here and there to keep with me

– Be less indecisive.. with EVERYTHING.
– Be MORE crafty, and Do the projects that i keep saying i want to.
– Sew more clothes from patterns. (which i guess goes with the above one)
– Travel more (as much as i can while still living under my mother’s rules)
– Stop and Smell the Roses. I’m always moving, or being lazy. i want a happy medium.
– Go BACK to the gym! excuse time is over! :P

So far i’ve accomplished none. :) but January is still young! I will be going to Vermont some time this month, so that’s a travel, and Ian and I have many crafty ideas planned. Also gym days planned. :) haha.

On an unrelated note….. its a SMALL WORLD. Okay, so I am from Rockland County, NY.. and Ian is from West Milford, NJ. We are roughly about 1 hour away from each other.
His ancestors LIVED in my town, and are BURIED in a cemetery 5 minutes from my house. :) How crazy is that??
So while exploring, we went to this pond (since the snow is melting, and it rained, the pond was a river). It’s called Ambrey’s Pond (which is also a last name of one of his relatives.) The walk was lovely, and the waterfall was beautiful! We raced chunks of ice down the stream to see who’s goes over the ledge first. :)

That’s Ian’s back.


Also, Back in August, i sewed up this nifty skirt for a birthday party. :) i want to make more like it! it was fun to make, and super easy to do. It’s late, but it connects to my New Year’s Suggestions…


Another mini resolution, see more friends, and be more outgoing! I got to do another photoshoot with my Friend Alex Somma, and Alex Donato.

Alex and i setting the scene, with stuffing from Michael's, and stick on snowflakes!

BLURRY! but thats good, nothings spoiled. When i get the clear photos, i'll post them up!

Got any silly or Serious Resolutions?