An Adorable Family Teaser & Here’s to a Wonderful November


My first coffee of November.

I have never been a coffee person. I loved tea. I loved collecting tea, trying new teas and sipping a few cups daily. I don’t know when it happened, maybe when I discovered hazelnut creamer, but I am now a full blown coffee person. And not just the, “I need my coffee to function”, type of person. I actually enjoy sipping it slowly, especially on the weekends on the couch. {It makes not being at work that much sweeter}. I put on a Bowerbirds CD, “Upper Air” (highly recommended for weekend coffee sipping), and I really had a chance to relax with my coffee. Until of course, I liked the way it looked near the gourds so much, that I had to get up and get my camera.


In other news, this past Sunday I had the honor of a return client! I had done Michelle’s maternity photos almost a year ago to the day. This time I was invited back to take some photos of little Harrison outside the womb. Along with his parents and their wonderful extended family.

There are a bunch of awesome photos to go through, but I wanted to throw this one up as a little teaser.  :)

Enjoy and keep watch for the whole set soon!


Boy Meets Girl

As i said yesterday, i really did enjoy drawing myself and Ian. I hadn’t in a while. So last night I had the urge to draw our outfits yesterday. :) I think they came out alright.. I gotta work on my Guys eyes. Its hard not to make them look girly. Haha. :)

I used to HATE drawing people. I would tell others that I was terrible at drawing the human form. I am still not amazing. I couldn’t get all the details down. I couldn’t figure out how to draw the curves, the veins, the muscles, bumps, and angles right. Then, i realized that i don’t care. I draw what i want to draw, and no more. :) These are my humans. I admire someone who can draw photo-realistic. Ian is extremely good at that. Maybe I could if i spent days on it, but for cute little drawings, this will suffice. :)

I plan to either color them in marker or colored pencil tonight, or digitally in photoshop. i haven’t done THAT in years aside from backgrounds. :)