Photos I’ve Been Meaning to Share

Clever Name right?

These are photos that have sitting on my camera that I’ve been meaning to post either to Flickr or to this blog for various reasons. Well, now I’m posting them all at once. They range from August 2012 – March 2013. I hope to share more of my Photography up here as well.

I attempted to take a photo of myself during a make-up trial. This was too “Princess” but something about this photo kept me from deleting it.


Eagerly awaiting the RSVPs for our wedding…. This was the first batch to arrive!  Can you believe I’ve been married for 4 months?


Christmas 2013

Image Image

My mother made Ian and my sister’s Fiance stockings  :)


His name is Spot. He lives in the crack in our basement floor. No joke. He’s our “pet”  :)


My lovely husband posing for his portrait.


All Photos on this blog belong to Dara Hopkins © 2009-2013 -Please do not steal, or use without permission.  :)

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve. :)

Hello there! i havent posted in a while, work has been very busy. A GOOD kind of busy! So thats great!

Well, Behold! This is my christmas card this year. :)

Look Familiar? i used an old Illustration Friday post, and modified it a bunch to be even MORE Christmas-y. :)

I handed out about 60 cards.
i got 15 thank yous.
out of the 15, 10 asked if the girl on the card was modeled after myself. (the answer is yes. :] )
and out of the 10, 6 asked me if the snowman was Ian in costume. (the answer is yes!)

in other news…..
I CUT ALL MY HAIR OFFF! (before photos are on my Auto-Bio page. :)

i bought my Christmas Tree!

Decorated it! (terrible quality photo, i’ll get a better one)

Put a few strings of Icicle Lights on my front fence. :) it was so plain! and no one else wanted to help… too cold they said! Babies…. ;)

ALSO! (im super proud of this).. i felt crafty this year. :P

i bought some neat glasses 5 green martini, and 3 Pilsner glasses.

I then filled them with white and silver paper shred, then red, green, and gold metallic shred, then with white and silver paper shred, then metallic again (to be stripe-y looking)

Then topped them off with candies, and wrapped the whole thing in Iridescent Cellophane wrap. and tied some neat curling ribbon around the top.

Those were the presents for my coworkers and boss. :)
I will do more crafty presents more often.

Today, i make my parents an embellished card! :)
Also, in other news, i sold The Dress from this post through etsy! it was my first sale! i hope to make more sales soon! Check out my ETSY store! i will add more up as i go!

Have a very happy holiday, and Merry Christmas to ALL! (and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and all the rest!)

& a Happy Healthy New Year!