Starts with hike & then Starts with a Hike again

So… let’s see here. If I was at home, I’d pull up a rocking chair and tell the youngins’ to gather ’round while I tell the tale of how our romance began. Let’s pretend I’m home, and I have a rocking chair. Alright?

*opens up a huge book with gold edges and engraved cover*

Oh that’s not it…

*finds a tiny leather bound book with a tarnished brass buckle and handmade pages*

Here we go…

The story of Girl & Boy AKA Fox & Bear. It began over 5 years ago. Boy worked at design company. Girl hired at same company. Girl started dating someone else. That relationship was poo and ended. Girl realizes that she was in love with Boy all along. Girl tells boy, “I think I like you.” Boy tells girl, “Umm, I don’t know if we’d work as a couple. Do you want to go on a hike?” Girl agrees. The hike comes, it rains. Not just rain, completely downpours. We see a snake, and a bear, and make a fire out of a pencil and some napkins. We high five at our MacGuyver-ness. We eat some hotdogs, take some soggy photos, and head back to Boy’s house. We talk for hours, drink some home-brewed beer, and listen to lots of Radiohead & Decemberists. Things progress and more dates come about. We travel to Albany, and Girl goes on vacation with Boy and his family. Much fun is had. They decide that the hike was Their first date, and celebrate it every year. Suddenly the years pass and they find themselves celebrating their 2 year anniversary. Something clicks and Boy & Girl realize that they are each others one. November 5th, 2011. They go on another hike. Girl was told a bring a book. Girl forgets. She is handed a tiny hand drawn storybook entitled “Fox & Bear Go Hiking”. Fox and Bear are meant to be, and Bear asks fox, “Can I Marry You?” Girl is shocked, shaking. She looks up and Boy is holding a beautiful ring. His eyes are asking THE question. Girl cries a little, but before She is a completely sobbing mess, “yes!” she says, and cries some more, this time her tears fall on his shoulders. He doesn’t care. It was perfect.

Girl temporarily takes over her own craft blog to make it her Wedding Blog. (had to add it)

Now the Wedding planning begins. We have a date, and a reception venue, and *hopefully* a caterer (we’re waiting to hear his proposal). But these details are for other posts. :)

oh… and the ring:


*All Artwork in the Storybook was created by and copyright I.H. 2011*
Message me if you would like to re-post or use it for something!

So… I’ve thought long and hard about this

I wanted to start a wedding blog… i thought that it would be fun and would help me to not be such a psychopath keeping track of details. Plus it is sort of a keepsake in itself.

After the thought of having 3 blogs and a wedding website (which is not a blog, but it was free and but don’t get to ramble on it)… ahem, the thought of three blogs was a bit overwhelming. I do not want to start neglecting my first blog. This one was my test to my internet writing skills. Am I able to connect with absolute strangers? I may have only 20-something readers, but I am extremely thankful for those 20-something readers.

For the next.. oh let’s see… 10.3 months (305 days! and probably a bit after) this will be my new wedding journal. (some regular crafting things will be posted as well!)

I apologize in advance if you hate wedding blogs and want no part in this. I wonder how many readers I shall lose…I’ve pondered that for a while, but decided, this is my blog. It is, above all else, for me right?

Keep tuned for event space, caterer things and details to come!