New Purchases!

So, I have a set of over-sharpened, broken, old Hand-me-down colored pencils.. Pathetic, i know. So, i told myself, Once i start using them more frequently, i will definitely invest in my own set. Well, it seems I’ve been using them MUCH more frequently! So i bought ME a little present.. or a few… haha.

So i Bought a set of 48 Prismacolor Colored pencils.

And i wanted to get more into markers as well! So i invested in a Set of 12 Prismacolor Primary & Secondary color markers, and a set of the 12 New markers colors.

and for smoothness, i bought a few Colorless Blenders for both colored pencils, and markers. :)

I can’t wait to get them in the mail! :) it’s a nice motivation to know i invested some money into my art, rather than just using hand-me-downs. :) Hopefully Ian will teach me some marker tips and tricks. <3

I got my supplies fairly cheap @ Blick’s Art Materials.

IF: Adrift

Baby bird couldn’t keep adrift in the wind like mommy…

I couldnt think of a way “Adrift” would make sense, and i didnt want to pick just ANYTHING and force it to fit. :) So.. we have birds in the wind. Mommy is more aerodynamic then clumsy baby bird. Flying wherever the wind takes her…

IF: Muddy

What’s more fun than jumping in the muddy puddles after a nice rain?

Drawn friday night, and colored saturday morning with Colored Pencils. :)

In other news, i won NOTHING in my Superbowl pool at work. :(

IF: Clumsy

Ever want something so badly that you forget to focus?

I do not have Adobe Illustrator at home, All of my illustrations are done on my lunch break at work. :) i had this idea but I wasn’t happy with how it was coming out during lunch time… so i went home and thought about it more. After wishing i had Illustrator at home, i glanced at my colored pencils…. and attempted to draw it out by hand (not intending to actually SUBMIT my shoddy workmanship)… but Alas!

This was done with sketch paper and Prismacolor Colored Pencils (so smooth!). :) i think i’ve gotten better at shading and coloring, (the actual line drawing needs much work now!)

Thank you to my wonderful teacher. <3