Antique & Old things #2

Hello, and Welcome to another segment of “What neat treasures have you Found today?” You can read the #1 Here.

First Up!
This is a Wedding Favor that my grandmother had on display in her home. You strike the match on the lid. I LOVE that its classically Monogrammed. I fell in love with its simplicity. I would hand out matches like this at my wedding (to the adults only of course!). :)

Next, a pair of Vintage Cay-eye glasses I purchased for my Halloween Costume (1950s housewife/ Betty Crocker. :)
Sadly I think they were child-sized! Didn’t fit my face too great, a bit short! Maybe I have a big head? Anywho, I love all the detail on them. :)

I found this necklace in an antique store in Montclair, NJ (i think?) :) .. I cant imagine its that old, but i love it all the same. :) The chain can be removed and it becomes a brooch as well!

This is a Sweater clip (or sweater guard depending on who you ask), I got it for my halloween costume, but I still use it on my cardigans. :)

Stay tuned for more descriptions. I added all of the photos to my Antiques Page up top near my Bio, but these posts will describe in more detail what they are and where I found them. :) If you want to purchase any, let me know. :) Some ARE for sale.

I’ve Been Quite the Busy Bee!

I have been making many a shiny things. :) nothing is 100% ready to go up on etsy yet.. but here is a sneak peek for my readers (if i HAVE any!) Any feedback? Favorites, tips?.. color combos? That would be fantastic to hear! :)

Also i still have my site for now, but i was smart and got the etsy link! That will be where my store resides (once I get some stuff to post up!) Favorite it! and good things shall come your way!



10 necklaces, and 2 sets of earrings. Ian’s mother gave me a ton of vintage buttons to use. They are beautiful and give the pieces something a little extra! I’m wearing the red button/Anchor necklace today! (2 compliments by the way, haha!) I LOVE it! I try and wear them all at least once to check for quality. If it falls off me, i can fix it and make it better, rather than it falling off my customers! :)

If anyone would like to purchase, let me know and I’ll set up a listing right away! I will never deny a sale! :) Also, all the colored beads can be changed to your color choice. They can be customized to your favorite color. :)

Til we meet again!
<3 D