How we decided NOT to have a backyard wedding

After much letdowns with animal heads mounted on the walls of prospective venues, we were  I was, beginning to go through some rough times. We tried a couple of venue searches on weddingwire, weddingbee, theknot among others. I proceeded to whine… a lot:

“We’re never going to find anything we like!”

“But I don’t want a golf course or a banquet hall!”

“Our backyard isn’t finished yet!”

We thought very seriously about having the reception in the backyard of our new house. The backyard is a disgrace. We don’t have anything back there. Oh wait, we have some sticks, some logs, some pieces of an old stove, an eyesore of a shed, and LOTS of rocks and pricker bushes. Oh, and some dead trees… can’t forget those. The backyard was not really our main concern. Having a clean house that is liveable was. So when the prospect of 120 people in our “backyard” was talked about, we both panicked a smidgen. I began frantically researching tent companies, heaters (since it’s October) and even portable restrooms! The cost was up to about $2,500 before we even added in food, linens and decor. We didn’t even have a caterer at that point. We both gave up and put some hard thought in to this.

Could we really get the backyard ready for a WEDDING in five months? It isn’t even ready for a birthday party! Not even for a BBQ in its current state…. It’s been neglected for the past ten years (we’ve only owned it for one).

We decided that no, we could not do this. We wanted to, but we just couldn’t pull it off AND get the inside ready to be lived in. Some of the rooms didn’t even have floors! Defeated, we bit the bullet and began researching venues once again. Ian had known about the Warwick Center for quite some time and after being told by another winery, “I’m sorry our packages start at $8,000 without food, tax or tip, we just can’t help you”, we decided to look into it.

We made a date to look at the Warwick Center right before Christmas. We were not wowed by it’s interior, but #1, we could afford it, #2, it was practically across the street from the winery AND had the same view off the huge patio! (Take that winery!) We called them back the day after our tour, asked if our date was available. The lady in charge, said yes! :)  Shortly after we booked the church for the same date. I know it’s supposed to be church, first, but we were overly excited. It came with tables and chairs (luckily) but everything else, we bring in. Cups, Plates, decor, napkins, table linens, food, bar and all that. We got to hand-pick our vendors though, so it worked out perfectly (or it seems like it will)… we’ll find out in 72 days…


Where To Start When Boxing Up Your Life?

I’ve been thinking lately, when should I start packing for my “big move?” How big is this big move? Ian and I live about an hour away from each other, and our new home is about five minutes from his current home- so about an hour. “That’s not that big,” some people might say, but when it really comes down to it, any move is a big move.

In October, after our wedding, I will be making my first move ever. I’ve never lived in an apartment with friends,  I’ve never dormed at college, or even lived abroad. This is my first move, making it my “big move!”

I’ve thought about where to start…. furniture? Well there are things piled on top of the furniture! Things I need in these last few months, should I put them on the floor after moving out my desk or table? That doesn’t seem smart! Should I rent out a self storage place? I could visit it each day, and then have my whole unit moved over in one lump! I thought about boxing up my bathroom first – shower items that I haven’t used in years but I SWEAR that I’ll use someday…

A co-worker of mine gave me a Wardrobe packing box. I was surprised how awesomely inventive this thing is. I was grateful to receive it, and I’m looking forward to hanging my clothes on the metal bar, and transporting them easily (hopefully) to the closet in our new home. That’s a new thing, too: OUR closet. I’ve only shared a closet with my sister. That wasn’t too bad. We each had a side and a shelf, and half of the top shelf. I wonder if it’ll be the same here….

Where did you begin while packing up your life?

How was it living with your significant other for the first time?