Digital Plush Plans

I always thought it’d be neat to be an architect, and work on blue prints all day. I like to plan things out before i do them 50% of the time. Most of those times, i choose to do it with my sketchbook, or digitally, that way i can see what works, and what might look really really awful, haha.

Here are some of my square plushies drawn out in adobe illustrator. Until i think of better names, say hello to Mr. Bear and Mr. Lion. Front, side and back view, haha.

This is what i do at work mostly, except there are child safety warnings, and a lot of measurements all over the place. This is more fun to make anyway!

As soon as i get my hands on some fleece, IT. IS.ON! :)

* Keep a lookout for more designs in the upcoming weeks! Feedback is always appreciated. I want to know what you like, or what you’d change. You are all my customers! You are always right. ;) *

Quilt Progress So Far!

I ordered ALL my fabric off Insane deals on cute fabrics. Etsy is loaded with designer and vintage fabric too, but i fell in love with Debbie Mumm’s fabric designs. Most of them are DM. :)

At this point I had taken photos of the cutting process. i bought a rotary cutter, a mat and a neat quilters ruler. I seem to have misplaced those pics! I’ll be searching for them… until then.. fast forward a few steps.

I pieced the cut squares out on the floor. they are all 3 in squares with an additional 1/4in seam allowance all around. :) measure 15 times.. cut once. That took the longest. Over 3 days of measuring to get it right.

not a creative shot at all... meh.

So.. i plan to machine stitch the squares. its for a baby, and if i want it to last a long time, machine is the way to go for me. I put the squares into pairs and put a pin through to keep them together. Also to mark where to stitch.

I watched House Hunters, Bathtastic!, Property Virgins, kitchen Impossible, more Property Virgins and Ree on Throwdown before i was able to finish. Took a long time….

Almost done!

oh so neatly in their rows...

Finally around 10:15pm… i finished. Stacked them up… and went to bed.

What a monster. And this is just a crib sized quilt. 3 times as many squares are needed for a full sized quilt. Glad i started small. I’m nervous to begin sewing…. Wish me luck!

Step #2.. Sewing the squares to their mates.. Tune in soon..

My “Studio”.. aka pathetic Workspace

I cant wait to have a real official spot to make all of my projects. i tend to start and stop! i have half crocheted things in one corner, half sewn things in another.. jewelry parts and buttons spewed in heaps all over… i need a big room with hundred of small dressers with thousand a of drawers. :) i love organization. you’d never know it walking into my room. I only have a small table with my sewing machine.. and the rest of the time i work on my bed and floor . :)

a peek of things to come:

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve. :)

Hello there! i havent posted in a while, work has been very busy. A GOOD kind of busy! So thats great!

Well, Behold! This is my christmas card this year. :)

Look Familiar? i used an old Illustration Friday post, and modified it a bunch to be even MORE Christmas-y. :)

I handed out about 60 cards.
i got 15 thank yous.
out of the 15, 10 asked if the girl on the card was modeled after myself. (the answer is yes. :] )
and out of the 10, 6 asked me if the snowman was Ian in costume. (the answer is yes!)

in other news…..
I CUT ALL MY HAIR OFFF! (before photos are on my Auto-Bio page. :)

i bought my Christmas Tree!

Decorated it! (terrible quality photo, i’ll get a better one)

Put a few strings of Icicle Lights on my front fence. :) it was so plain! and no one else wanted to help… too cold they said! Babies…. ;)

ALSO! (im super proud of this).. i felt crafty this year. :P

i bought some neat glasses 5 green martini, and 3 Pilsner glasses.

I then filled them with white and silver paper shred, then red, green, and gold metallic shred, then with white and silver paper shred, then metallic again (to be stripe-y looking)

Then topped them off with candies, and wrapped the whole thing in Iridescent Cellophane wrap. and tied some neat curling ribbon around the top.

Those were the presents for my coworkers and boss. :)
I will do more crafty presents more often.

Today, i make my parents an embellished card! :)
Also, in other news, i sold The Dress from this post through etsy! it was my first sale! i hope to make more sales soon! Check out my ETSY store! i will add more up as i go!

Have a very happy holiday, and Merry Christmas to ALL! (and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and all the rest!)

& a Happy Healthy New Year!