My “Studio”.. aka pathetic Workspace

I cant wait to have a real official spot to make all of my projects. i tend to start and stop! i have half crocheted things in one corner, half sewn things in another.. jewelry parts and buttons spewed in heaps all over… i need a big room with hundred of small dressers with thousand a of drawers. :) i love organization. you’d never know it walking into my room. I only have a small table with my sewing machine.. and the rest of the time i work on my bed and floor . :)

a peek of things to come:

3 thoughts on “My “Studio”.. aka pathetic Workspace

  1. I can totally relate! But with getting one thing comes the appetite for another ;-) When I was working on the floor I was dreaming about a desk. I got the desk. Then I got a larger desk. Then I got shelves. Then I got more shelves. Now I’m sharing the room with my husband’s computer things and I’m dreaming about a studio ;-).

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