Happy Birthday Kristen!

Tomorrow is Kristen‘s Birthday! So a few people brought in some snacks and baked cupcakes and things. :) i had a bagel and some fruit. :) YUM!

I drew this illustration up for Kristen as well! Its got her yellow sweater, and her black & white scarf (which i adore). Hope she liked it! :D

Enjoy your concert at the Wellmont this weekend, Kristen!

These drawings are really fun to make for people. :) I missed a few birthdays lately though! Too many March babies to keep track of! Every other day its someone’s birthday, or was yesterday! My dad’s was yesterday! and Ian‘s is the 19th! and Rebecca‘s is the 21st! and many in between!

Happy Birthday Julianne

Happy Birthday! Today my friend Julie is 21. :) This is her Flickr. She is very talented and an amazing person to know! Send some love to her and everyone you meet today.

This is an illustration i made for her birthday. Along with a crafty card (That i didnt take a photo of :[ ) and a stuffed pink elephant. i hope she liked them! Rebecca is throwing her a birthday party in Albany. i am sad that i cannot make it. :(

i hope you have a lovely birthday Julianne! <3

Grace’s B-day Drawing

It is yet another fellow employee, Grace‘s Birthday! So i made her as a cartoon illustration the same way i did for Pegah’s Birthday!

I’m currently stuffing my face of a birthday Cinnamon Raisin bagel with butter, and a chocolate frosted donut and some glazed munchkins. i’m so FULL!

i also made some chocolate brownies real quick last night from scratch for Grace. They went over pretty well!

i need to make more illustrations. This one came out pretty well. I didn’t have an entry for Illustration Friday this week! :( I rushed a drawing and it came out very badly. So i wanted to try again, but i couldn’t get what i wanted to draw, to come out of my brain!

I also need to be cleaner. Straighter, much smoother lines. Simple, but perfect.. rather than messy, crooked and over-worked. I have a tendency to add too much. Thats my goal. Simplify my drawings. :)

Also, any feedback AT ALL is very much appreciated. :) Suggestions? Critiques?

Anyone want a drawing done of themselves?
Email me a photo you would like me to use: ravenastoria@gmail.com

Take care. Have a wonderful day!