Grace’s B-day Drawing

It is yet another fellow employee, Grace‘s Birthday! So i made her as a cartoon illustration the same way i did for Pegah’s Birthday!

I’m currently stuffing my face of a birthday Cinnamon Raisin bagel with butter, and a chocolate frosted donut and some glazed munchkins. i’m so FULL!

i also made some chocolate brownies real quick last night from scratch for Grace. They went over pretty well!

i need to make more illustrations. This one came out pretty well. I didn’t have an entry for Illustration Friday this week! :( I rushed a drawing and it came out very badly. So i wanted to try again, but i couldn’t get what i wanted to draw, to come out of my brain!

I also need to be cleaner. Straighter, much smoother lines. Simple, but perfect.. rather than messy, crooked and over-worked. I have a tendency to add too much. Thats my goal. Simplify my drawings. :)

Also, any feedback AT ALL is very much appreciated. :) Suggestions? Critiques?

Anyone want a drawing done of themselves?
Email me a photo you would like me to use:

Take care. Have a wonderful day!

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