One More header = 1 More happy Customer!

This header was created for the fantastic Lacey! She’s been really great and knew exactly what she wanted. It was fun to create images based on stock photos. Saves some money, and i think it give it a much better look overall. I’m glad that she was pleased with my renditions of her found photos. :)


Custom Headers! 2 Happy Customers

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Lauren of “From Orange County to County Road” on her blog header. I love the concept of her blog. Much Luck with the Move!

And the lovely Jess from ” Where are my Sunglasses?” This one was really fun to do and I’m so very glad she is pleased! :)

Come back anytime for more headers, Ladies!

If you’d like yours redone, Give me an electronic ring!

Take Care xo

IF: Acrobat (Better late then never!)

This one was really fun to do that i almost ran out of time. To be fair, I started late.. but just finished in time on Friday! :) Hopefully it goes in before they change the theme!

Take Care! :)

Any comments or tips are always appreciated!

A Very Good Coat Rack GIVEAWAY!

Win your choice of 1 of these 3 necklaces!

I offered up 3 necklaces to my friend Rebecca to giveaway to her and my readers! She’s got a healthy living blog with a bunch more subscribers than I’ve got right now, so she’s doing me a favor and hosting it for me. If you currently read my blog and would like to enter, please head on over and leave a comment on HER post about a close friend.

Also gain BONUS entries by looking through my etsy shop, and blogging about the giveaway as well!



Also, if you’d like.. please favorite my etsy store if you’ve got one, and I’ll favorite you in return. We can gain exposure together! and Follow my blog via e-mail google reader if you don’t already! :)

Machine Quilted Hot-Pad!

Up until now i’ve been doing all my practice quilts by hand. Completely by hand. A lot of work! So I decided to try machine quilting (which is how I plan to do the main quilt top for Ian’s new nephew’s quilt). Here’s how the hot pad it came out!

I’m very pleased with it! I tried the “in the ditch” quilt method between strips and kept coming out of my ditch, thus the not-so-straight lines, and the dark thread showing on light fabric. The binding was WAY easier than I thought it’d be! Bad thing: I couldn’t quite comprehend “basting” the layers together. I was under the impression that the stitches are invisible and stay in.. none of my book are very clear on how, so i made them very visible and them removed them after quilting and I guess that’s how it’s done? haha. I also quilted lines down the length for decoration as well. :) Came out pretty straight!

Well I’ll probably do a few more practice ones.. This one was 11 inches. By the time I’m ready to start the real quilt, Ian will have a set of hot pads in every size imaginable!

ALSO! My friend Rebecca is going to be hosting a giveaway with one of my jewelry pieces. :) Check back tomorrow for details and how to enter over at her blog!

Take Care, Have a great day! :)

Quilting Research Trip to the Library

I got these books!

And also unrelated.. i got this one on Audiobook:

It’s to listen to while in traffic. Audiobooks are so great. Why has it taken me so long to start listening?!

Now I cant wait to go home and start reading and learning some more! Ian’s sister is having a boy! So I’ve gotta get some cute male, blue, boyish, tough, animal, cars, planes, automobile-themed fabrics. :)

Also i’m in the market for a rotary cutter. Been looking around and comparing prices.

I’m liking this fiskars one.
QUESTION: Is it worth buying the Pinking Blade? will it cut through the fabric? or is it just for scrapbooking?

Hoboken & More Etsy Updates!

I really need to work on the next Illustration Friday theme “dessert”. I have too many ideas!
While I was stalling, I updated my etsy once again to include these pretty little treasures:

A cute little Tea Pot necklace:

& two pairs of rainbow earrings.. cool and warm colors. :)

I also added a photo of my gift wrapping to each listing. All Jewelry comes in a 100 % Recycled Kraft paper box with tissue and ribbons. :)


In other news, Ian took me to see Mary Poppins on Broadway for my birthday! I’ve never been to Broadway show. It was awesome. :) We took the PATH train from Hoboken. I’ve also never been to Hoboken. It’s beautiful! You don’t even need to be an artist to appreciate all the details on these buildings!

Me outside the gorgeous station. Did you know that the whole station was copper, and after time it turned this green color? Like the Statue of Liberty! What a sight to see back in the day. Photo credit & Fun Fact by: Ian Hopkins. :)

The ceiling is ALL Tiffany glass! GORGEOUS!

Photo credit: Ian Hopkins. :)

Happy Birthday to Me

Tomorrow is my Birthday. :)

In celebration, if you shop in my etsy store, message me saying Happy Birthday! I’ll give you $3 off! Today, tomorrow and Friday. (Sept 1st – Sep 3rd). :)

In other news i just paid off my car! :) DEBT free. :) <3 love it. It was my Birthday Present to Me. :)

And this is a silly little plate I designed. Yum Cupcakes!