A Very Appreciated Parcel

Around Christmas time, Jo over at Bearpaw was hosting a giveaway containing so many lovely goodies. I entered and by some weird stroke of weirdness, I actually won. Thank you, Jo for letting USA residents enter. I know the shipping fees can be high!

I finally received my box in the mail about a week ago! (I meant to post earlier, but my camera was not cooperating), Anywhoo.. here is are the contents of the package.

I can’t wait to make something from these gorgeous fabrics. They are all so colorful without being novelty, and so very pretty without being too girly.

Look at the handiwork on this mini quilt. I can’t even believe that this was made by hand. I bow down to you Jo! Wonderful.. i need to practice more. Maybe I should attempt quilt #2 soon..

This is by far the coolest yarn. I need to find a neat pattern, and put it to good use!

Thank you again Jo!

– – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – Afterthoughts- – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – –
I felt a bit guilty posting this.. especially with all of the sadness and devastation in Japan. it’s been saved as a draft for a few days.. and I think it’s okay to post. It has helped me re-realize a few things i haven’t thought of in a while. I just want to say that I am extremely grateful for everything that I have. For the clean air I breathe, the running water to drink, and the clothes on my back. Most of the time, we have more than we really need. This is why little things, like this parcel of fabric and yarn, make me realize how much we really have to lose. My prayers are with everyone affected by the tsunami in Japan. May everyone find their families, rebuild their lives, and appreciate all that they have. Be Safe.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –xoxoxo – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Amazon Shopping Spree

I bought about 10 new books off of Amazon with a few giftcards from Xmas… 2 came already! :

Written by Miyako Kanamori. Both start off with stories about each character, and are told like a children’s book (“Happy Gloves” is narrated by the Chipmunk on the cover hehe), with ideas, and patterns in the back! I plan to try them out, and create my own little fellows as well. :)

I have the “Complete Idiots Guide to Amigurumi” coming as well (i would love to learn how to crochet little critters as well is sew them!).. along with many other craft books. I’m super excited. Hopefully some came in the mail today. I must hurry home and check. :)

Dragons and Crochet Go Together, Don’t They?

COMPLETED PROJECT! Stare at it in all its crocheted glory! :)

It’s a brand new pot holder/ hot pad for Ian’s house (when this house deal finally goes through! its been dragging since Jan.) i used medium weight Grey Wool and a size H hook i think.

i still have to “block” it, so any other views makes it look all wonky warpy.

And a project a made a few months back is this adorable dragon!

(sewing on his belly)

He’s available for sale in my etsy shop!

i bought a ton of supplies these past few days. I’ve got lots of jewelry and embroidery projects floating around my brains! They will make it to my etsy shop as well! check back as often as you’d like!


Also, in other news… my car got rear ended in traffic yesterday. I’m fine, the guy is fine. Just a scratched up bumper for me, and a nice big dent in his grill and cracks for him. I hate the Tappan Zee Bridge. Luckily the guy was very nice and offered up as much help as i needed to get it fixed up. We waited FOR-EV-ERRRR for a NY State Trooper to file the report. ::sigh::

[Warning: Do not take photos while driving in traffic. very dangerous… except when its practically a parking lot. :/ ]

Crochet Update!

A few months back or so i posted about buying this : I Taught Myself Crochet.. then i got some yarn and some motivation. I’ve been tinkering and poking and trying out different stitches and i’m finally excited to show off my first completed Granny Square!

It’s made up of 8 chain stitches, slip stitched together, then rows of 3 and 6 treble (triple) crochets separated by a chain stitch. :) I’m proud of myself for learning and knowing what those stitches mean. i can read patterns now! some are very intimidating: for example: ch 69, dc 2, ch 2, hdc, 4, tc, 2, ch 5, turn, tr 4, hdc, 2, tuck ends. That’s not a real pattern, just random instructions. But, what the hell does that mean? i can NOW tell you!. :)

i am planning on making 2 blankets. One for a little boy i know, and one for a baby on the way *possibly* a little girl! Fingers crossed!

i’ll keep you updated on progress! The baby is 8 months away… so i need to do about 3 squares a month to be finished. Seems pretty easy considering that brown square only took 4 hours total. 4 hours is alot for a beginner, but i’m getting better. the less i think about it, and just move my fingers and wrists, the better it looks. it gets wonky when i try to control it took much. Wonky..i like that word. :)

I like crocheting, and i like making granny squares. There’s something almost calming just sitting on the couch surrounded by soft yarns. :) Also, I’m obsessed with this Flickr group. And THIS one! Such amazing work!

it’ll be a while before i can crank out one of these by myself!


LOVE these colors!


Well, take care! T.G.I.F… finally!

Boye Crochet Kit!

I bought myself this:

and a whole lotta this:

and i hope one day to make myself one of these:

or one of these in my size!:

wish me luck! i’ll post up my progress. :) I’ve been waiting for my yarn to come in the mail.. trying to learn Slip stitches and single crochet stitches with ribbon doesn’t work so well! USPS tracking confirms its at my house! When i get home from work today… it’s on! This Easter weekend, i am in full grandma mode. :)