Happy Halloween!

I decided to be Stephanie Courtney‘s character Flo from the progressive commercials. Fun Fact! She used to live in my town of Stony Point way back when. :)

My hair needs to big bigger, and darker, and my forehead less tall, but eh.. everyone liked it so far!

Ian dressed as Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead comic book.

It’s on AMC sunday at 10pm! WooHoo! another girl it work is Michonne. :)

Awesome! Our costume contest is at 3:30pm. :) Wish us Luck!

I wanna see your costumes!

Post #101. Etsy SALE!

In honor of my 101st post here on WordPress, I’m having a sale at my etsy shop!

Well, no.. not really… i was having a sale to make room on etsy for new designs and plush and things! I came here to post about it, and was told that yesterdays post, was my 100th! Yay.. woo hoo! Party! ::confetti and streamers and balloons::?

By coincidence only, the sale is the same day. Okay, enough rambling… onto the sale.

I think i marked down EVERYTHING. I thought that my prices may have been too high? Too low? or too low for now til i get can show my quality? i know its hard to buy things online.. i am not very trusting with some things.

I have many many views on my etsy items, but not enough takers. :( Maybe i’m set a bit too high for the bargain-hunting market? My jewelry is priced about the same or lower than most on etsy. The difference between mine and some, is that my chains are Sterling Silver, while most others are silver-toned or silver plated. My chains won’t turn green, or rust on your necks, people! Good quality! :) And I am proud to offer non-rusting, anti-green neck turning chains to you.

All of my beads and chain lengths can be customized as well! These necklaces and earrings aren’t manufactured in China in big factories. Each chain link is opened and closed, squeezed and crimped, threaded and beaded and designed all by my hands. And I hope that it shows…

Please let me know your feedback about my etsy store and listings. Easy to navigate? Good photos? Better descriptions? Am I still priced too high?

I’m offering FREE SHIPPING if you buy 3 things. That’s an $8 dollar value for the USA here.

Plus, each piece of jewelry comes in its own gift box with ribbons!

You can choose the ribbon colors and tissue colors if you’d like. I just want happy customers. :)

And $2 off for A Very Good Coat Rack readers too! Just let me know in the “Note to Seller” at checkout and you get $2 back after checkout.

If you made it this far…thanks for reading! :)

My Digital Quilt!

I decided to not only draw it out on graph paper, but I just REALLY wanted to see what this quilt will look like once complete! :) So i made a digital version. :)

I’ll have progress photos up soon… But for now.. here’s my digital quilt. :)

it’ll be about 36 in wide complete, and 45in long complete including border. :) The blue dino/snake fabric, and the stripe one, will be the back lining. :)

IF: Beneath

Fox awoke in the middle of the night to scary noises coming from beneath her. They were very loud, grumbly noises!

After checking it out, she was very relieved that it was only her best friend Bear! The last time she woke him up, he was very mad.

So she decided it’d be better to let him sleep!

& My sketches. :)