FOX AND FEATHER’S New & Improved WEBSITE & BLOG is Here!!!!!

FOX AND FEATHER’S New & Improved WEBSITE & BLOG is Here!!!!!

I have finally created a blog strictly for Photography. I had wanted to get everything cohesive with my company name, and I’ve finally got it going!! Introducing: fox & feather Photography’s New Site! Click the Image of the new Site … Continue reading

Baby Harrison & His Family Portraits

This gallery contains 18 photos.

     Harrison is 10 months old. Last time I “saw” him he was in mommy’s belly while we did her Maternity photos. He is such a ham and one of the happiest babies I’ve seen. He did so well … Continue reading

An Adorable Family Teaser & Here’s to a Wonderful November


My first coffee of November.

I have never been a coffee person. I loved tea. I loved collecting tea, trying new teas and sipping a few cups daily. I don’t know when it happened, maybe when I discovered hazelnut creamer, but I am now a full blown coffee person. And not just the, “I need my coffee to function”, type of person. I actually enjoy sipping it slowly, especially on the weekends on the couch. {It makes not being at work that much sweeter}. I put on a Bowerbirds CD, “Upper Air” (highly recommended for weekend coffee sipping), and I really had a chance to relax with my coffee. Until of course, I liked the way it looked near the gourds so much, that I had to get up and get my camera.


In other news, this past Sunday I had the honor of a return client! I had done Michelle’s maternity photos almost a year ago to the day. This time I was invited back to take some photos of little Harrison outside the womb. Along with his parents and their wonderful extended family.

There are a bunch of awesome photos to go through, but I wanted to throw this one up as a little teaser.  :)

Enjoy and keep watch for the whole set soon!


Things I Dislike (That Everyone Else Seems to Like!)

I still owe you the rest of our Anniversary Photos.  :)  But for now, a non-photography post! Gasp!

I borrowed the idea for this post from Danielle!!

It’s pretty much a list  of things that I do not like that everyone else finds me weird for not liking. Ian noticed that I make a weird scrunched up disgusted face when any of these things are suggested to me (especially foods). Even if i had a photo of this hideous facial expression, there is no way in hell it’s going up on the internet. So there!

  • Red Wine: Nope. Maybe you can convince me in sangria.
  • Onions: This includes, but is not limited to, scallions, vidalia, shallots, onion rings, tiny minced ones that everyone says “you can barely taste/feel them”. (I CAN taste AND feel them!)
  • Zucchini & some Squash: Too squishy! Raw maybe…
  • Eggs: Although if at a diner and in and “eggy mood” I might order some over hard but they MUST be accompanied by toast for texture. (I have major texture issues.)
  • Pumpkin Spice (or anything with cloves!)
  • Cloves! BLARGHHHH
  • Peanut Butter: At one point PB was my life, but after having some stomach upsets I’ve convinced myself that I don’t like it, and it’s worked so far.
  • Tofu (fried, baked, marinated, in miso soup, NOPE, can’t do it)
  • Wilted Greens: Cabbage, spinach, kale, swiss chard, and even the little bit of lettuce they use to garnish the plate grosses me out when it gets soggy. I WILL however eat all of those raw!
  • French Onion Soup: This is a double whammy. Soggy Bread AND onions? Seriously??
  • French Toast: Soggy bread  AND eggs? Who creates these things??
  • Driving:  I HATE driving for some reason. 1.5 hours to school and back for college commuting probably has something to do with that….
  • Road Trips: (See above) Plus, long car rides make me sick.
  • Zumba: I’ve never done it, but I did 5 years of dance class and…. just nope.
  • Wearing Leggings AS pants: Stop it. Just stop it. I can see your goods and I do not want to.

Feel free to yell at me in the comments.  :D

Or if you do your own list, link me up!

Photography: The Berkshires 2012

IMG_8538 IMG_8562 copyIMG_8797IMG_8798 copyIMG_8634 copy

sara & jake / mountain flowers & a good book/ exploring the water / caught / rowing expert

These were from a family vacation to Massachusetts last year. The lake, the mountain air, oh how I miss it! Also, if you didn’t notice, I gave myself yet another name & logo. Trying a few out before I stick to one! (I might just be addicted to making logos…..)

Photography: Outdoor Adventures

Last weekend was GORGEOUS outside.. so i decided to grab my camera, a lens and I went for a nice little walk.

Well… Practically 5 miles later I’m trudging through the front door, out of breath, camera dangling precariously from my neck, shoes filled with gravel. I was done with walks, and “nice” days! ha! Just kidding of course. Please sun, come back and stick around longer this time? Oil costs too much and I just want my house warm!

Anyway.. here are some of my shots from the walk:

Upper Greenwood Lake


Our First little crocus popping its head up for the Spring season!Image



A whole bunch of crocuses down the road .. growing in GRAVEL. What gives? Whats wrong with our nice soil!