Wally the Walrus

After making a quilt for baby Jakob, and a bear for him as well, i thought that out of fairness Jakobs older brother Eli should get something too!

So with a design from Ian, I created this Walrus!
(later named Wally by Eli and Grandma.)

Extreme Close up!

He’s made of brown knit, embroidery thread, and some flannel scraps. :) He’s about 11 inches high. A good size for hugging too!

I thought this was a neat picture.. The lighting is more dramatic than i thought!

Fresh Start = A New Illustration blog

Hi there, so after much thinking, and much talk, and much advising… i realized.. I need to focus on 1 thing. Or at least this blog has to. Just because you like drawings, doesn’t mean you like mug rugs… and just because you like banana muffins, doesn’t mean you like paintings of little girls.

I feel as though I do not have enough crafts and sewing posts to keep the quilters and crafters reading, and I do not have enough illustrations and art posted here to keep the Artists reading.

So, from this post on…
My wordpress blog here will be my crafts, recipes, and sewing blog.
And my old blogger account will be my Illustration blog.

Hopefully this doesn’t disrupt any googlereaders out there!

Now my old and new readers (whoever you are) can pick and choose which hobby you’d like to follow.

I invite you to add to your google reader:
the tweed fox – an illustration blog

It still needs some tweaking, but I couldn’t wait ti unveil it!
Thank you for your continued support. :)

IF: Reverse. Better Late Than Never I Suppose..

Missed it by THAT much… I didn’t get this in on time for IF: Reverse. Poo!

A sassy little bun with a cute car.

I was working on this illustration on and off all week.. It’s hard to finish with no computer at home. I was going for the abstract, Less-is-more approach.. but it still feels like its missing a LOT. But I figured I’d post it anyway so i can get started on next weeks theme- Sweater.

Dragon/ Dino Appreciation Photos!

I got an email from Sarah, Nicholas’ mother, and blogger over at My First Blog.
She purchased this Dragon/Dino from my etsy store a while back (one of my first customers too!). It was supposed to be a Dino, but when i listed it, he looked a lot more like a Dragon. The email contained a few pics of Nicholas (or Cole) falling asleep with his stuffed Dino. :)

It warms my heart and makes me very very happy. I feel the same way when people eat the food that I cooked. (Double points if they like it, haha)

He’s so cute, I thought I’d share. And everyone loves pictures of sleeping babies? Right? :)

I am in love with his car shirt. I want it in my size!

*Photos used with permission from Nicholas’ mommy.

My first Mug Rug!

I just bought a neat new mug a couple of weeks ago from Home Goods. ($2.99 clearance!) And I feel bad setting it right on my desk. I feel like the tea/coffee gets cold faster, and the mug gets dirtier or something weird… (Ya, know what I mean?)

So I decided to make it a mug rug. Which is basically a mini-quilt/coaster. Mine is 4.5″ x 4.5″. Usually a mug-rug would be larger to leave room for a donut, bagel, or something… but i just needed it to fit my mug. :)

Here she is:
My first Mug Rug!
Mug Rug Pose Action shot!
I followed the Log Cabin quilt block pattern. I eyeballed the sizes, and just cut where i thought looked good to me with my rotary cutter, adding and sewing random pieces together as I went.

I picked fabrics that made me smile. :)

Reversible MugRug
I guess since the back doesn’t look too bad, it can be considered reversible too!
the bottom

It came together really fast. Choosing the fabric was the hardest part. I’d certainly make lots more of these for friends. Maybe personalize them with some embroidery too!

A few co-workers use their pretty mugs and have to put them on the dirty desks, so that’s a possible Christmas idea for this year. :)