Fresh Start = A New Illustration blog

Hi there, so after much thinking, and much talk, and much advising… i realized.. I need to focus on 1 thing. Or at least this blog has to. Just because you like drawings, doesn’t mean you like mug rugs… and just because you like banana muffins, doesn’t mean you like paintings of little girls.

I feel as though I do not have enough crafts and sewing posts to keep the quilters and crafters reading, and I do not have enough illustrations and art posted here to keep the Artists reading.

So, from this post on…
My wordpress blog here will be my crafts, recipes, and sewing blog.
And my old blogger account will be my Illustration blog.

Hopefully this doesn’t disrupt any googlereaders out there!

Now my old and new readers (whoever you are) can pick and choose which hobby you’d like to follow.

I invite you to add to your google reader:
the tweed fox – an illustration blog

It still needs some tweaking, but I couldn’t wait ti unveil it!
Thank you for your continued support. :)

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