My first Mug Rug!

I just bought a neat new mug a couple of weeks ago from Home Goods. ($2.99 clearance!) And I feel bad setting it right on my desk. I feel like the tea/coffee gets cold faster, and the mug gets dirtier or something weird… (Ya, know what I mean?)

So I decided to make it a mug rug. Which is basically a mini-quilt/coaster. Mine is 4.5″ x 4.5″. Usually a mug-rug would be larger to leave room for a donut, bagel, or something… but i just needed it to fit my mug. :)

Here she is:
My first Mug Rug!
Mug Rug Pose Action shot!
I followed the Log Cabin quilt block pattern. I eyeballed the sizes, and just cut where i thought looked good to me with my rotary cutter, adding and sewing random pieces together as I went.

I picked fabrics that made me smile. :)

Reversible MugRug
I guess since the back doesn’t look too bad, it can be considered reversible too!
the bottom

It came together really fast. Choosing the fabric was the hardest part. I’d certainly make lots more of these for friends. Maybe personalize them with some embroidery too!

A few co-workers use their pretty mugs and have to put them on the dirty desks, so that’s a possible Christmas idea for this year. :)

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