I’m Going Back to School?

I’m not going to blog the hell out of this topic, and Make it a whole big thing because frankly, I don’t even know if anyone who reads a craft blog really cares that I’m going back to art school.

But…. I AM! My classes are Drawing I and 2D Design. I’ve been going for 3 weeks now, and will be posting updates and projects and my experiences on my Art blog (which made more sense anyway). And I added a Page up top, out of the way for anyone who wants to read about it. First post is here!

It’ll be going on til December over at my Art Blog, Tweed Fox.
Drop in for a hello and maybe a critique?


New Jewelry Added to the shop :)

Hi Ladies and Gents. I added a BUNCH of new Rings, Hair Clips and Stud Earrings to my etsy shop. All have been handmade from vintage buttons I’ve collected over the years. Mostly from my last trip to Rhode Island! Hand selected for their neat-ness. :)

ALSO! A Very Good Coat Rack Readers and subscribers get a 15% off discount on anything! just enter FRIENDS2 during the etsy checkout :)

Sweet Sherbet

Invisible Button

Peachy Pair of Hair Clips - SOLD!

Blue Carved Shell Button Earrings

Tiny Pink Button Studs

Teal Carved Flower

AND Many More New Additions :)

Plush Buzzard! and Thrifty Finds

So as my last post stated, I was commissioned to make a stuffed Buzzard for a friend of a friend. Here’s how it came out!

Concept drawing by yours truly. :)

Ian and I took a trip to the local thrift store the other day, here is my loot!

I am wearing this tie today as a headband, and I have better plans for it eventually.

Aren’t these coasters super sweet?? They are for my future craft room.

And last but not least, I had bought the same egg beater from a garage sale while on vacation in MA, but mine was so rusted it probably isn’t safe to touch food. Therefore, i got a new one to actually use.. and maybe I’ll hang the old up in my craft room with all my other antiques. :)

Keep an Eye out for some cool finds. :) I was mainly hunting for fabric and came home with those items a big storage container. I think I’m addicted to storage, but I barely have any! We’ll see what happens when I actually get my craft room. :)

Another New Critter named Moxie

I’ve been having a lot of fun creating these square shaped animals. I like using the patterned fabrics, rather than straight forward, brown, pink, white fleece.. etc. They end up more unique, each with their own personality. I’ve been using bits of new and vintage fabric scraps for their tummies, muzzles and ears. Some I’ve used the last bit of that certain fabric, making them one of a kind now! :)

Introducing SquareAnimal #3:

Moxie the Scrap Fabric Bunny

She’s available for adoption in my etsy Store, if anyone has some room for a punky rebel bunny. :)

She’s got some siblings at home that are in the process of being born, haha. So as they get their ears, and legs together, up here they’ll be posted for their “showings” :)

National Stationery Show!!

So, the National Stationery Show is coming up soon. Showcasing all of the new trends and whatnot in paper goods. I would love to attend this year! Last year I wasn’t eligible because I was not an artist. Since I have been a Production artist for some time now, I qualify! I’m all set and registered. I wonder if i can go during work hours… hmm.. ;)

My cubicle neighbors tell me that it’s a really cool show and that I would really like it. I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard tons of cool things.

(Click image for website)

May 15-18, 2011
Sun-Tue, 9am – 6pm
Wed, 9am – 12pm
Javit’s Center, NYC

Just wondering if anyone else and their company will be there too. Let me know if you are going, maybe I’ll see you guys there! :)

Wally the Walrus

After making a quilt for baby Jakob, and a bear for him as well, i thought that out of fairness Jakobs older brother Eli should get something too!

So with a design from Ian, I created this Walrus!
(later named Wally by Eli and Grandma.)

Extreme Close up!

He’s made of brown knit, embroidery thread, and some flannel scraps. :) He’s about 11 inches high. A good size for hugging too!

I thought this was a neat picture.. The lighting is more dramatic than i thought!

Dragon/ Dino Appreciation Photos!

I got an email from Sarah, Nicholas’ mother, and blogger over at My First Blog.
She purchased this Dragon/Dino from my etsy store a while back (one of my first customers too!). It was supposed to be a Dino, but when i listed it, he looked a lot more like a Dragon. The email contained a few pics of Nicholas (or Cole) falling asleep with his stuffed Dino. :)

It warms my heart and makes me very very happy. I feel the same way when people eat the food that I cooked. (Double points if they like it, haha)

He’s so cute, I thought I’d share. And everyone loves pictures of sleeping babies? Right? :)

I am in love with his car shirt. I want it in my size!

*Photos used with permission from Nicholas’ mommy.

etsy Treasuries!

Fred the Dino was added to Lindykedro‘s Treasury called Being Single.

Fred is Very pleased to be featured. :)

And then yesterday, Trixie the Girlbot was featured in VintageInBloom‘s Treasury called Robot Love.

Thank you both for the features! I am very happy to know that people like my friends!

Here’s a link to my etsy page, if you’d like to adopt Trixie or Fred.
A Very Good Coat Rack etsy Shop

How to keep Your GPS safe (and warm)…

My sister got a new GPS for Christmas or something, I forget when… She takes it with her everywhere, even in other people’s cars. She wanted a little pouch-like case to cover it up safely while she’s escorting it from car to car.

So we measured it out..
Choose some fabrics..
Picked out a button…

.. and I came up with this!

It was really easy to make. Getting the button placement right was really the hardest part. It took about an hour to make, trial and error (sizing issues).. I had to remember the right way to attach the lining, it’s burgundy fleece. I got to use my trusty Loop Turner for the button loop. If you don’t have one (and you make loops or tunnels)… get one! I LOVE it. It saves me some time and my fingers don’t hurt from poking a pencil through, haha. no ripped seams either! I need to go to Jo Ann Etc for some more fleece for my plush, and to raid the sewing supplies aisle. I always find useful tools there.

Customer Appreciation Photo, haha.

IF: Chicken x2

This is my second IF of this week. My first post took the theme as literally as possible. So for this one, I decided to think outside the chicken-shaped box and do a cute couple of chicken/ egg farmers.

A girl named Suzie and a boy named Sue. (that’s the extent of my J. Cash tribute skills)

Hope you like them. I was going to watch tv while drawing them, but my sister was watching the Jersey Shore. Therefore, I stuck to my room and a CD. I highly HIGHLY recommend the XX’s self tiled album as either background music, or driving music. It is truly amazing. :)