Cape circa 1970

Good Morning! SO about a week or so i finally spent my eBay gift card! it was for $25. i bought this vintage wool cape from the nicest seller. With shipping it came to $21. And after checkout i donated $5 to the Red Cross: Help for Haiti’s Children through eBay. :) its a small donation.. but even $1 makes a difference! i like that eBay is helping! they make it super easy through each transaction. :)

My cape came in the mail super fast! i need to dry clean it obviously, but i wanted to take it for a test run! i love it so much! its so long and warm! :D i liked my whole outfit the other day, so i decided to draw it out in Illustrator. :)

*Photo of Me taken by Ian! :)

After uploading the photo, i tweaked the illustration a bit. haha. cheating? i think not. i need to practice proportions more. i’ve never taken a figure drawing class, so i never learned, although it SHOULD be easier considering humans are everywhere. haha. no excuses!

* stay tuned for tomorrow… a have a recap of my ICE fishing trip! :) i caught a fish! :D

Pegah’s Birthday

Hi again! who am i saying hello to?

.. i wonder who actually reads this blog… anyway…

Today is my co-worker/ friend Pegah’s Birthday! :) So i decided to make her a picture in illustrator. :) I drew her neat brown boots with thick socks, long dress/skirt and her awesome scarf from Pakistan. i didnt know the design too well cause its always wrapped around her neck, but i tried. it kind of looks like a Christmas camouflage haha. She liked it very much. :) So here it is. :)