Where To Start When Boxing Up Your Life?

I’ve been thinking lately, when should I start packing for my “big move?” How big is this big move? Ian and I live about an hour away from each other, and our new home is about five minutes from his current home- so about an hour. “That’s not that big,” some people might say, but when it really comes down to it, any move is a big move.

In October, after our wedding, I will be making my first move ever. I’ve never lived in an apartment with friends,  I’ve never dormed at college, or even lived abroad. This is my first move, making it my “big move!”

I’ve thought about where to start…. furniture? Well there are things piled on top of the furniture! Things I need in these last few months, should I put them on the floor after moving out my desk or table? That doesn’t seem smart! Should I rent out a self storage place? I could visit it each day, and then have my whole unit moved over in one lump! I thought about boxing up my bathroom first – shower items that I haven’t used in years but I SWEAR that I’ll use someday…

A co-worker of mine gave me a Wardrobe packing box. I was surprised how awesomely inventive this thing is. I was grateful to receive it, and I’m looking forward to hanging my clothes on the metal bar, and transporting them easily (hopefully) to the closet in our new home. That’s a new thing, too: OUR closet. I’ve only shared a closet with my sister. That wasn’t too bad. We each had a side and a shelf, and half of the top shelf. I wonder if it’ll be the same here….

Where did you begin while packing up your life?

How was it living with your significant other for the first time?

Rainbows & Burdastyle Dresses

Good Afternoon. :)
I spent the weekend making two nifty projects. I had many colors of felt and i decided to turn them into a rainbow! and i decided to turn that rainbow into a Pillow!


it’s about 12 inches wide, by 6 inches tall. :) just a cute little pillow. i actually broke one of my sewing machine needles on the many layers of felt. :( i need to purchase more soon!

The second project was WAY more in depth. The website Burdastyle.com has easily become one of my more visited sites. it’s amazing. There are tons of Cheap & FREE Patterns posted by fellow Crafters! You need an account to download the patterns, but its 100% free to join, and you can browse hundreds of photos, patterns, and How-tos and the Burdastyle Forum. :)

After browsing the free patterns (hehe).. I downloaded this one from the site. Called Maryy #6042. the original Dress “Hot Hot Heat” was posted HERE by a girl named Mary From Finland. Her profile is HERE.. Isn’t hers beautiful?. :D I guess with the language barrier, someone else had to make the pattern, and i’m sure glad they did.
patternname I had about 2 yards of midnight blue fabric with little white stars, and some white fabric as well. i decided to use both! I printed the pattern from home, so i had to piece it together. it was pretty easy, i just wish i had more floor space!
patterntapedmacro i had to line up the numbered triangles on each paper. :) and tape like crazy!
After cutting out the pattern:

After cutting out the fabric pieces. one big front panel folded over, 1 big back panel folded over. 4 front pieces (doubled), and two back bands. i didn’t know how i wanted the straps to look, so i didn’t cut them out yet… patterncut

i skipped some photos in here. This is the bust part. It was done by sewing together 2 of the top pieces, then squeezing them together to form the center ruffle type thing. :) it was a long process, but it is simplified HERE. dresstopcut
i pinned together the front and back panels, and sewed down the right side. Then i pinned the white top to the bottom “skirt-like piece to form the whole dress: pins2
And again i skipped some photos…. i sewed the top to the bottom piece, and cut two pieces of the blue star fabric for straps. I sewed the straps to the front and back where i wanted… and POOF!

Hahaha, ignore my face. :)

And a close up of the bust…

And there you have it. i promise to take more photos. i just got really excited to sew that i didn’t grab my camera at each part! It was relatively easy, i would use the simple instructions for the bust portion next time. my mom says the bust part looks, “like something my grandmother would wear”. i guess its the pinching in the center. i dunno.. i like it!

i have a BIG project I’m starting soon… Super excited to see how it comes out. it’s going to be a Christmas present for Ian. :) I bought some fabric at JoAnn Etc last night… so tonight… it BEGINS!

Take Care,