Happy Halloween!

I decided to be Stephanie Courtney‘s character Flo from the progressive commercials. Fun Fact! She used to live in my town of Stony Point way back when. :)

My hair needs to big bigger, and darker, and my forehead less tall, but eh.. everyone liked it so far!

Ian dressed as Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead comic book.

It’s on AMC sunday at 10pm! WooHoo! another girl it work is Michonne. :)

Awesome! Our costume contest is at 3:30pm. :) Wish us Luck!

I wanna see your costumes!

Antique & Old things #2

Hello, and Welcome to another segment of “What neat treasures have you Found today?” You can read the #1 Here.

First Up!
This is a Wedding Favor that my grandmother had on display in her home. You strike the match on the lid. I LOVE that its classically Monogrammed. I fell in love with its simplicity. I would hand out matches like this at my wedding (to the adults only of course!). :)

Next, a pair of Vintage Cay-eye glasses I purchased for my Halloween Costume (1950s housewife/ Betty Crocker. :)
Sadly I think they were child-sized! Didn’t fit my face too great, a bit short! Maybe I have a big head? Anywho, I love all the detail on them. :)

I found this necklace in an antique store in Montclair, NJ (i think?) :) .. I cant imagine its that old, but i love it all the same. :) The chain can be removed and it becomes a brooch as well!

This is a Sweater clip (or sweater guard depending on who you ask), I got it for my halloween costume, but I still use it on my cardigans. :)

Stay tuned for more descriptions. I added all of the photos to my Antiques Page up top near my Bio, but these posts will describe in more detail what they are and where I found them. :) If you want to purchase any, let me know. :) Some ARE for sale.