FOX AND FEATHER’S New & Improved WEBSITE & BLOG is Here!!!!!

FOX AND FEATHER’S New & Improved WEBSITE & BLOG is Here!!!!!

I have finally created a blog strictly for Photography. I had wanted to get everything cohesive with my company name, and I’ve finally got it going!! Introducing: fox & feather Photography’s New Site! Click the Image of the new Site … Continue reading

Baby Harrison & His Family Portraits

This gallery contains 18 photos.

     Harrison is 10 months old. Last time I “saw” him he was in mommy’s belly while we did her Maternity photos. He is such a ham and one of the happiest babies I’ve seen. He did so well … Continue reading

An Adorable Family Teaser & Here’s to a Wonderful November


My first coffee of November.

I have never been a coffee person. I loved tea. I loved collecting tea, trying new teas and sipping a few cups daily. I don’t know when it happened, maybe when I discovered hazelnut creamer, but I am now a full blown coffee person. And not just the, “I need my coffee to function”, type of person. I actually enjoy sipping it slowly, especially on the weekends on the couch. {It makes not being at work that much sweeter}. I put on a Bowerbirds CD, “Upper Air” (highly recommended for weekend coffee sipping), and I really had a chance to relax with my coffee. Until of course, I liked the way it looked near the gourds so much, that I had to get up and get my camera.


In other news, this past Sunday I had the honor of a return client! I had done Michelle’s maternity photos almost a year ago to the day. This time I was invited back to take some photos of little Harrison outside the womb. Along with his parents and their wonderful extended family.

There are a bunch of awesome photos to go through, but I wanted to throw this one up as a little teaser.  :)

Enjoy and keep watch for the whole set soon!


Things I Dislike (That Everyone Else Seems to Like!)

I still owe you the rest of our Anniversary Photos.  :)  But for now, a non-photography post! Gasp!

I borrowed the idea for this post from Danielle!!

It’s pretty much a list  of things that I do not like that everyone else finds me weird for not liking. Ian noticed that I make a weird scrunched up disgusted face when any of these things are suggested to me (especially foods). Even if i had a photo of this hideous facial expression, there is no way in hell it’s going up on the internet. So there!

  • Red Wine: Nope. Maybe you can convince me in sangria.
  • Onions: This includes, but is not limited to, scallions, vidalia, shallots, onion rings, tiny minced ones that everyone says “you can barely taste/feel them”. (I CAN taste AND feel them!)
  • Zucchini & some Squash: Too squishy! Raw maybe…
  • Eggs: Although if at a diner and in and “eggy mood” I might order some over hard but they MUST be accompanied by toast for texture. (I have major texture issues.)
  • Pumpkin Spice (or anything with cloves!)
  • Cloves! BLARGHHHH
  • Peanut Butter: At one point PB was my life, but after having some stomach upsets I’ve convinced myself that I don’t like it, and it’s worked so far.
  • Tofu (fried, baked, marinated, in miso soup, NOPE, can’t do it)
  • Wilted Greens: Cabbage, spinach, kale, swiss chard, and even the little bit of lettuce they use to garnish the plate grosses me out when it gets soggy. I WILL however eat all of those raw!
  • French Onion Soup: This is a double whammy. Soggy Bread AND onions? Seriously??
  • French Toast: Soggy bread  AND eggs? Who creates these things??
  • Driving:  I HATE driving for some reason. 1.5 hours to school and back for college commuting probably has something to do with that….
  • Road Trips: (See above) Plus, long car rides make me sick.
  • Zumba: I’ve never done it, but I did 5 years of dance class and…. just nope.
  • Wearing Leggings AS pants: Stop it. Just stop it. I can see your goods and I do not want to.

Feel free to yell at me in the comments.  :D

Or if you do your own list, link me up!

Photography: Outdoor Adventures

Last weekend was GORGEOUS outside.. so i decided to grab my camera, a lens and I went for a nice little walk.

Well… Practically 5 miles later I’m trudging through the front door, out of breath, camera dangling precariously from my neck, shoes filled with gravel. I was done with walks, and “nice” days! ha! Just kidding of course. Please sun, come back and stick around longer this time? Oil costs too much and I just want my house warm!

Anyway.. here are some of my shots from the walk:

Upper Greenwood Lake


Our First little crocus popping its head up for the Spring season!Image



A whole bunch of crocuses down the road .. growing in GRAVEL. What gives? Whats wrong with our nice soil!


Photography: Easter Chicks + Dirt Pie

This year for Easter, I had to pleasure of going to Ian’s Uncle’s farm. They even arranged an egg hunt for the little ones. He has raises horses, and they also have chickens and guinea hens on the farm!

Here are some of my shots for the day!





I made this chocolate cream dirt pie to bring. It’s a pre-made chocolate graham cracker crust filled with two boxes of chocolate pudding, and also some chocolate chip “rocks”. Then we topped it with crushed oreos. There were supposed to be gummy worms inside, but we forgot them! I piped some green grass icing, and some pink and purple flowers, then plopped on an Easter bunny for good measure.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

I have some nature photography shots to share with you next time! This blog is taking a turn down the Photography road. It’s something I’ve always been interested in, and I’m very happy to share these with you.  All photos © Dara Hopkins 2013.  :)