Jakob’s Quilt, Finally complete!

So Here has been my work in progress for months. I’ve been working on it during the week at night, and Sat mornings.

Click Here for Progress Post #1
Click Here for Progress Post #2

I am SO over this typing thing right now. So… I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

cuttin brown border pieces

cutting back fabric

I used Mountain Mist batting. It was large enough piece that I was able to fold it in two, and double layer it. Warm!

I decided to try some Quilt Basting Spray. Worked really well and it was easy to reposition!

sticky sticky batting

added some pins for stability as well.

small machine... small quilt. Anything larger, i'd need a larger machine

So in between the above photos, and the below photos, you’ll notice steps are missing. I cut the seam binding from the stripey fabric, and embroidered a nice tag for the bottom right of the quilt back. Quilt is complete!

Here are the finished photos. I DO have cell phone pictures of these missing moments, but i figured I’d spare you the all terrible fuzzy, blurry eyestrain.

You are welcome. :)


The baby’s due date is January 21st. So I planned on having the quilt finished by then. Suddenly, a baby shower was announced. It took place Dec. 5th). I knew i wanted the quilt done by then. (And i did it! Whee!)

I’m really happy with how it turned out. With my first quilt under my belt, i look forward to many more. :)

Have a Lovely Week!
And Happy Christmas Shopping!
And Drive Safely in the Snow!

Quilt Progress Continued!

So i’ve been working for a few weeks, except I’m a few months in, really. I bought the fabric way in advance, and wrote up the plans.. and it all sat there.
I really gotta finish this thing up!

This is my workspace.

i got that desk for $5 at a garage sale! Cha Ching!

Leaves A LOT to be desired. Luckily I’ll have a craft/ sewing room in Ian’s new house!

And yes, i have a Knuckles plush, a duck lamp and a paper robot on my desk. Whats it to ya?

Anywhoo… Here’s some more progress! The photos speak for themselves really. I’ll keep the descriptions to a minimum. :)

When we left off… I sewed my paired pieces together. 1+1=2!

Half Done!

Halfway into the pairs, I tried chain stitching. Feeding the next square into the machine, rather than stopping, cutting threads to separate and setting up again. It made the second half go way faster!

they are holding hands aww..

my machine is spitting them out really fast. Aerial veiw of the back of my machine.

DONE pairing the first set!

laid them out to be paired once again.

2+2=4! More pairing! More friends!

Paired, pinned and stacked!

Chain stitching the pairs to the other pairs... :)

My squares were uneven. 99 squares. so i have some 4's, and some 6's. Finished 6's!


It was like a puzzle. i kept messing up!

So i paired the 6’s with some other 6s. and pairs the 4’s with some other 4s… Sewed them up the same way til i met in the middle.

Sewed that right down the center.. Annnd…….. Drum Roll Please!


Back view. :)

Next Post will be the border strips… and maybe some basting… Wish me luck. So Far so good I’d say! My quilt is about 1/6 the size of a queen sized quilt. Crib Sized. Perfect beginner project. Hope Sara and baby Jakob like it. :)

Quilt Progress So Far!

I ordered ALL my fabric off Joann.com. Insane deals on cute fabrics. Etsy is loaded with designer and vintage fabric too, but i fell in love with Debbie Mumm’s fabric designs. Most of them are DM. :)

At this point I had taken photos of the cutting process. i bought a rotary cutter, a mat and a neat quilters ruler. I seem to have misplaced those pics! I’ll be searching for them… until then.. fast forward a few steps.

I pieced the cut squares out on the floor. they are all 3 in squares with an additional 1/4in seam allowance all around. :) measure 15 times.. cut once. That took the longest. Over 3 days of measuring to get it right.

not a creative shot at all... meh.

So.. i plan to machine stitch the squares. its for a baby, and if i want it to last a long time, machine is the way to go for me. I put the squares into pairs and put a pin through to keep them together. Also to mark where to stitch.

I watched House Hunters, Bathtastic!, Property Virgins, kitchen Impossible, more Property Virgins and Ree on Throwdown before i was able to finish. Took a long time….

Almost done!

oh so neatly in their rows...

Finally around 10:15pm… i finished. Stacked them up… and went to bed.

What a monster. And this is just a crib sized quilt. 3 times as many squares are needed for a full sized quilt. Glad i started small. I’m nervous to begin sewing…. Wish me luck!

Step #2.. Sewing the squares to their mates.. Tune in soon..

My Digital Quilt!

I decided to not only draw it out on graph paper, but I just REALLY wanted to see what this quilt will look like once complete! :) So i made a digital version. :)

I’ll have progress photos up soon… But for now.. here’s my digital quilt. :)

it’ll be about 36 in wide complete, and 45in long complete including border. :) The blue dino/snake fabric, and the stripe one, will be the back lining. :)

Quilted Coaster

I warn you, this post is long and full of photos. I tried condensing them down a bit.

So I REALLY REALLY want a make a quilt for Ian’s sister. She is about 5 months pregnant with baby #2! They find out the gender next week. In the meantime, I’m trying my hand at mini quilt projects. Here is number one. This was my absolute FIRST attempt at quilting. Technically this would be considered just Patchwork, since I didn’t “Quilt” through the triangles.. but its a “quilted” coaster none-the-less. :) Here it is in pretty much, a photo-story.

First I drew out a few patterns, and chose the one i liked best.

Then, picked out a few fabrics. 4 for the triangles, and 1 for the backing.

So i cut out my squares, 2 inches by 2inches. then i cut them into triangles. :)

Then I arranged them the way i liked the best.

Next, I sewed together the edges of the triangles with a running stitch adjacent to each other in the design.

After all the little triangles are paired with their mates, the newly formed squares get sewn together now!

And then those newly formed rectangles find their mates and form a square once again!

[SIDE NOTE: I originally wanted then to form a diamond in the center, but after looking at the sewn triangles, I liked the pinwheel better, and changed mid-way through. Haha.]

Better View of finished Center:

I love to watch TV while I do projects. It takes all of the work out of it, if you know what i mean. Rather than sitting at a desk, with a bright light, and forcing myself to focus.

Next, I sewed on the border. I cut 4 strips of Navy Blue fabric and sewed them around the outer edge of my pinwheel.

NEXT! It’s time to put some batting inside. (I didnt have any batting, so i used two layers of felt. HAHA. All the quilters in the world are shaking their heads at me and sighing loudly..) I used a few tack stitches to hold the felt to the Quilt-top.

You may notice the hole cut into the center of the felt. I am also stupid and did not press ANY of my seams and lines while sewing the edges. So now i had a huge bump right in the center where all the triangles joined. So to make it not get bumpier, i cut the hole out so that way, the felt filled in the area, but the bump didn’t get bigger. it went through the felt and sat nice and level.

View of the back after sewing around the batting. It was sort of like sewing a pillow. I put both RIGHT sides of the fabric together, sewed around the outside, and turned it inside out and stitched the open area closed.

FINISHED Product. You can Sit a Nice cold drink on it too.