Random Cellular Device Photos

Also known as crappy cell pix. So… i like to take a lot of random pictures with my cell phone, and decided to share whats been going on lately.
Obviously, the quality is horrible.. I need a more portable camera, or a better cell..

The Ornaments all wrapped with ribbons and my Tags, ready for giving!

mid-way into decorating our tree! We've had those huge plastic candles and snowman for as long as i can remember.

When anyone comes in the front door, my dog has to sniff them through the railing.

And last, but not least…

My poor little Harley in her ugly Christmas sweater. Ready for the party!

She’s a classy girl. She refuses to use the bathroom while wearing her sweater. (Which results in two very cold individuals….)

Happy Holidays, Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Handmade Holiday Ornaments!

Instead of buying some more little gifts, I decided to be crafty (and also kill time Sunday). I wanted to use up some of my very flashy fabric stash.

I thought it’d be fun to craft up some Christmas Ornaments for people this year. :)

And the backs! i guess i fancied the gold…

My favorite one I think is the tall, long stripey tree with the velvet button. All the buttons are vintage. :) and i embroidered that garland on the other tree.

These were fun to make.

Especially with a Law & Order marathon going in the background… :)

What a Perfect Sunday.. now the stress starts. 4 days til Christmas! Hope you’re ready!

Jakob’s Quilt, Finally complete!

So Here has been my work in progress for months. I’ve been working on it during the week at night, and Sat mornings.

Click Here for Progress Post #1
Click Here for Progress Post #2

I am SO over this typing thing right now. So… I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

cuttin brown border pieces

cutting back fabric

I used Mountain Mist batting. It was large enough piece that I was able to fold it in two, and double layer it. Warm!

I decided to try some Quilt Basting Spray. Worked really well and it was easy to reposition!

sticky sticky batting

added some pins for stability as well.

small machine... small quilt. Anything larger, i'd need a larger machine

So in between the above photos, and the below photos, you’ll notice steps are missing. I cut the seam binding from the stripey fabric, and embroidered a nice tag for the bottom right of the quilt back. Quilt is complete!

Here are the finished photos. I DO have cell phone pictures of these missing moments, but i figured I’d spare you the all terrible fuzzy, blurry eyestrain.

You are welcome. :)


The baby’s due date is January 21st. So I planned on having the quilt finished by then. Suddenly, a baby shower was announced. It took place Dec. 5th). I knew i wanted the quilt done by then. (And i did it! Whee!)

I’m really happy with how it turned out. With my first quilt under my belt, i look forward to many more. :)

Have a Lovely Week!
And Happy Christmas Shopping!
And Drive Safely in the Snow!