You Wanna See Wedding Photos??

I’m sorry i’ve been M.I.A. lately… it’s pretty obvious what i’ve been up to!!  I’m the new member of my husbands family haha. Not sharing new last name. you understand right??  I’m a wife though! How crazy is that?? Anyway.. onto the pics! Some are professional, some are guest photos!

i made all of the decor, programs, and the cake topper! :) We DJ-ed the reception ourselves and everyone pitched in to help us make it such a great day!


Antiques & Such in Rhode Island part 2

Sorry for the MASSIVE delay in following up Part 1 of this 2 Part series.
These items were found all over over Rhode Island. A most were from a little shop called “Antique’s in the Attic” (actually located in a nice woman’s attic!)

I bought ziplock bags full of trim, buttons, beads, lace, and misc items.

$1 for a bag, I can’t pass that up. Such cute little trinkets. :)

I am obsessed with the vintage needles packaging. Now it’s all blister cards and paper. sigh…

Bag of vintage bobbins, $2.75 … only 5 actually fit my machine. I wonder what else i could do with these… some were awesomely old. :)

A Sweet little candy Dish!

But this is what i plan on using it for…

And More pyrex!

A little red Refrigerator Dish

And a lime green Single Serve Casserole Dish!

I’m gathering items for use and display in my sewing room! Hopefully it’ll be ready to move in there soon.

Take Care. I have another post of antiques and things for tomorrow. Ian took me to Hawley, PA for my birthday. If you’ve seen my flickr stream, you have a sneak peek! :)

Rhode Island Antiques & My First Pyrex!

I feel like I haven’t written in forever! I promise I am not neglecting you, my poor blog.

This past week I was on vacation in Rhode Island (in the Wickford area). We saw Newport, ate at neat places and hunted down many neat and interesting antique shops all week! Here are some of my finds!

Warning… Kind of Photo Heavy….

Fabrics Fabrics Fabrics!

I got some great paisley interior decorating fabrics from a lady who owned “Behind the Times Antiques”. She also sold me this skinny long old valance from the 60s or 70s. (the orangey red floral fabric.) It’s like 8 feet long! I smell mini zippered purses!

The Lace is about 1.5 yards long and will be my curtain sheers soon. :) It’s gorgeous. I got that from a place called “Wren & Thistle Antiques”. The woman there owned the whole building (which was a great looking Bed & Breakfast).

She also sold me these great fancy buttons and my first thimble! Maybe I’ll start a collection just so i can get a neat old letterpress box to display them in. :)

From a HUGE 2 story barn called “Fred’s Antiques” and his 3 story house I only managed to buy these old needles and hook & eye closures. The wool mending thread is all moth eaten, but I thought it was still neat. I always seem to find the sewing things in huge heaps of stuff. It’s a gift. :)

From a Place called “Betty’s Xtra Goodies” I got myself (and Ian’s house) a nice enameled metal casserole dish. I love the brownish peach, colored design.

…Which I dropped o my driveway trying to get a stupid cricket out of my trunk when I got home… stupid crickets… :(

Anyone know a good way to fix it?

I don’t remember the name of this place, but it was in North Kingston above a garden Center.. Here is where I got my first pieces of pyrex! :) I haven’t bought any pieces yet cause I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to collect first and I was having trouble committing.. But this guy had a great price on these autumn colored bowls that I had to get them. :) I like them. I need to do a bit more research, I don’t know what they are called yet.

[Update: Found them! I am 1 big brown bowl short of a full “Americana” Set circa 1966, now I hunt!]

I also bought a little 3 tiered tea/dessert/ sammich platter. I’m gonna put some of my tools, buttons, thimbles and things on it. Easy to grab! Again, I am drawn to the brown/ yellow autumn colors of the 60s and 70s. :)

I’ll leave you guys with that today. I’m sorry for all the photos. I’m just excited to share. I have more pyrex and goodies to share in tomorrows post. I don’t want to overdo it in one sitting. (There’s a lot to see!)

Tune in!
I loved Rhode Island, but I’m glad to be back…
beach rose

New Things Need a Good Cleaning..

So about a year ago, I was given a nice big bag of vintage zippers. Some new-old stock (1963-1970), some modern, and some of various years that seemed to be cut out of clothing. All of which needed a cleaning!

So I began by putting the 75 or 80 zippers in 2 shoebox sized plastic bins. I soaked them in soap & water, (moving them around with my hands like a washing machine). Then I rinsed them out. I repeated that step a few times til the water ran semi-clear. Then, I just let them sit in a mixture of water, soap and detergent overnight. :)

they look like sea monsters.

extreme close up!

Before I left for work today, I “hung them up to dry”.. flattening them as I went. I figured they’d be easier to work with and just felt cleaner if they dried hung over my towel bar rather than crunched up in a plastic container….

That is about 4 layers deep of zippers!

Next up! A simple sweet find from Massachusetts. While looking for antique shops, we stopped to browse a garage sale. I realized during this trip that I didn’t have a neat old vintage jar to house my buttons (as every good seamstress should have)… so I snatched up this bad boy for $0.50. It took a while to get it open because the orange rubber seal had practically melted to the lid. I wonder how long this thing was closed for…

So once again, a nice wash with soap….

And left to soak overnight….

I can’t wait to organize the zippers when they are clean and dry. And I can’t wait to fill my new jar to the top with buttons! I’ve been gathering for quite a while and my collection has outgrown its little tin.. (AND I just bought some neat buttons off of eBay $ etsy). I hope they are delivered soon so I can transfer everyone to their new home. (until they are plucked, sewn and gifted, of course!)

Happy antiquing, searching and cleaning :)

p.s.- You KNOW you love my awesome crazy floral wallpaper. I do. ;)

Antique & Old things #2

Hello, and Welcome to another segment of “What neat treasures have you Found today?” You can read the #1 Here.

First Up!
This is a Wedding Favor that my grandmother had on display in her home. You strike the match on the lid. I LOVE that its classically Monogrammed. I fell in love with its simplicity. I would hand out matches like this at my wedding (to the adults only of course!). :)

Next, a pair of Vintage Cay-eye glasses I purchased for my Halloween Costume (1950s housewife/ Betty Crocker. :)
Sadly I think they were child-sized! Didn’t fit my face too great, a bit short! Maybe I have a big head? Anywho, I love all the detail on them. :)

I found this necklace in an antique store in Montclair, NJ (i think?) :) .. I cant imagine its that old, but i love it all the same. :) The chain can be removed and it becomes a brooch as well!

This is a Sweater clip (or sweater guard depending on who you ask), I got it for my halloween costume, but I still use it on my cardigans. :)

Stay tuned for more descriptions. I added all of the photos to my Antiques Page up top near my Bio, but these posts will describe in more detail what they are and where I found them. :) If you want to purchase any, let me know. :) Some ARE for sale.

Some New, Vintage & Antique Findings! #1

This is a small collection of recent findings from a range of Antique Stores, some Garage sales, and some stuff purchased on eBay as well. :)

I’ll post more detailed photos as I get the time. :)

This was my grandfathers lighter.. Not exactly pocket sized, huh?

& now, These are From an Antique Store/ Barn in Cold Spring, NY.

First a Salt (or Pepper) shaker. Only 1 though. It’s beautiful hand blown & etched glass! I didn’t buy his mate though. Couldn’t find it in the store! I hope to fill it with SOMEthing one day. Beads? Buttons? It’s tiny. i love it!

And sitting near the register/ money taking area, I got a multi-strand pearl necklace. Not sure how old, but it needed a nice cleaning, thats for sure!

I LOVE the bead caps near the clasp. :)

I also picked up two Bakelite rings. One green and one White. The white one shattered when I took a tumble. It was in great condition from the 1940s and it gets to me.. and i break it! Typical! Well the green one is still going strong! I don’t have any photos of them though.. sorry!

More Photos to come of all the other items! I Don’t want to overload you just yet. :) Stay tuned!

Bunch of Projects!

So i’ve had a couple odd projects here and there that i finally got around to posting photos of.


Project #1!
Ian bought me these fantastic coat racks from an Antique store in Tarrytown, NY. Not sure if they are really antiques, but they look neat! got them for $10!

They had a really cheap looking wooden back to them, so i decided to paint them all white. my impatience got to me.. so i didn’t sand the finish off, nor did i use the highest quality paints or paint brush for that matter. So the white came out terrible. i used old acrylic paints, and some old watercolors. haha.

Since i already messed them up, i figured i’d play around before sanding the entire thing back down and starting over. i think the result is cute. not perfect… but i wasnt really trying too hard anyway. i thought they were goners! it reminds me of like a folky bird design with a heart and polka dots. :) Still not sure if i love it, or if i will sand down, and start over.

Project #2!

Ian and i bought some pumpkins a while ago, and we only got around to carving them recently! Guess which one is mine.

HAHA! i’m sure you guessed correct! Mine is the goofy silly dorky pumpkin with the dumb grin. :) we cooked up the pumpkin seeds and have been eating them all month! These were big pumpkins!

Project #3

Early this week on monday i got the chance to do a Halloween themed photo-shoot with my friend Alexandra D. (model) and Alexandra S. (photographer). It was ALOT of fun just fooling around. Alex D picked the theme DEAD-sperate Housewives of Rockland County. i went with it. :) she was a beaten and battered women, and i was a zombie with a head wound. PHOTO!
More Blood was added after this photo. :)

We modeled with cleavers, and machetes, and dressed up all “vintagey-ish” haha. Stockings, heels, pencil skirts, cardigans.. :) we made “Brains” out of fake blood and Ricotta cheese. yuck! when i get the photos from Alex S. i’ll try and post some up! :) it was fun. Definitely got me in the mood for Halloween!

Finally Project #4!
My job is having a halloween party. and i wanted to re-make the Apple Crisp thing i made a few weeks ago. But since 2 other people are bringing Apple Pies, i wanted to Jazz mine up. i made the Same recipe. added a little less sugar, and a little more cinnamon, and then instead of the crust being all one color (regular tan crust) i dyed it with food coloring, and put it on in sections. its not the most appetizing thing, but OH WELL! now its more halloween themed! it looks neat in person, and tastes great! (i snuck a bite!) :)

Before cooking!

After cooking for about 30 min on 350 degrees. i sprinkled some more cinnamon sugar on top, but it knocked most off after taking the photo. it made it look weird. Its pretty vibrant! i LOVE food coloring. :)

So those are my odd projects here and there. :) i have many more in my head.. but we’ll see. :)