Boye Crochet Kit!

I bought myself this:

and a whole lotta this:

and i hope one day to make myself one of these:

or one of these in my size!:

wish me luck! i’ll post up my progress. :) I’ve been waiting for my yarn to come in the mail.. trying to learn Slip stitches and single crochet stitches with ribbon doesn’t work so well! USPS tracking confirms its at my house! When i get home from work today… it’s on! This Easter weekend, i am in full grandma mode. :)

If I Had a Skunk…

A few weeks ago Ian and i caught a special on tv about the different kinds of skunks, and how some people keep them as pets. :) I fell in love with the Spotted Skunk.. and He likes the Striped Skunk. So, after deciding we want one as a pet.. we agreed to put the two together and make a half spotted, half striped skunk! If your skunk had dots and stripes all over it, what would you name it? We both separately decided on the same name! Morse! :) (as in morse code). haha we are dorks. I love it. So this is our skunk pet/ child Morse.

Speaking of Documentaries and things.. i was SO looking forward to watching “Life” on Discovery Channel.. until i saw its being narrated by Oprah Winfrey. Geez Lady… stop ruling the world!

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Tomorrow is Kristen‘s Birthday! So a few people brought in some snacks and baked cupcakes and things. :) i had a bagel and some fruit. :) YUM!

I drew this illustration up for Kristen as well! Its got her yellow sweater, and her black & white scarf (which i adore). Hope she liked it! :D

Enjoy your concert at the Wellmont this weekend, Kristen!

These drawings are really fun to make for people. :) I missed a few birthdays lately though! Too many March babies to keep track of! Every other day its someone’s birthday, or was yesterday! My dad’s was yesterday! and Ian‘s is the 19th! and Rebecca‘s is the 21st! and many in between!

NEW SHOP! FINALLY up and Running!

i had been trying to set up a Cafe Press Shop for like a MONTH NOW! but products DID NOT want to be “added” to my shop.. therefore it was blank! i finally realized.. maybe its Safari that the problem.. so i downloaded Firefox.. and WHAM! :) Shop is up and running now!

these are just products based on images i’ve made. i havent made anything Especially for CafePress.. hopefully i will soon. and hopefully i make some MONEY! i need it. :) i tried to keep my prices reasonable. sets a price, i can up it as much as i want.. and i only get that amount. Example: $17.99 base price for a t-shirt… i don’t want to over charge.. so i make it $20.. i get $2.01 as profit… so.. it’s gonna be a while before i take anyone out for dinner. :)

Please pass on the word, and buy my THINGS! And let me know if the prices are unreasonable or insane!