Boy Meets Girl

As i said yesterday, i really did enjoy drawing myself and Ian. I hadn’t in a while. So last night I had the urge to draw our outfits yesterday. :) I think they came out alright.. I gotta work on my Guys eyes. Its hard not to make them look girly. Haha. :)

I used to HATE drawing people. I would tell others that I was terrible at drawing the human form. I am still not amazing. I couldn’t get all the details down. I couldn’t figure out how to draw the curves, the veins, the muscles, bumps, and angles right. Then, i realized that i don’t care. I draw what i want to draw, and no more. :) These are my humans. I admire someone who can draw photo-realistic. Ian is extremely good at that. Maybe I could if i spent days on it, but for cute little drawings, this will suffice. :)

I plan to either color them in marker or colored pencil tonight, or digitally in photoshop. i haven’t done THAT in years aside from backgrounds. :)

Sleep to Live

So, Ian is still in the process of purchasing a house. The deal has been dragging since Jan, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel, with a closing as early as Sept 9th! (VERY wishful thinking though)

So armed with happy thoughts, we decided to go out-and-about looking for ideas on furniture. Window shopping, sort of. :) We stopped at Home Goods, Home Depot, Wal-mart, K-mart, and SLEEPY’S. While at sleepy’s they put us on a machine bed type thing that measures your body weight and how you sleep and where your joints hit and where you need the support. It was awesome. After watching a mini-movie, and having a mini massage by this giant bed, we got our results.

It turns out my current bed is too firm for me, and his current bed is too soft for him. Thus the aches and pains. Long story short, we tried out a ton of beds! Huge beds, tall beds. I have a twin bed, so everything was huge! (enter Sleep-to-Live bed) It was big, and soft and nice and perfect and you can customize it! They had a huge sale that was worth hanging on to that idea. I want it! Everyone NEEDS this bed. :) Haha, I sound like an infomercial, don’t I? Sorry.

It was huge! Done with Prismacolor Markers and Pencil. :)

This is Ian and I sitting on a huge mattress and box spring in the middle of nowhere. I liked the simplicity. :) I haven’t drawn a picture of us in almost a year. It was fun. :)

IF: Star Gazing

My submission for this weeks Illustration Friday.

Do you remember when you thought every star was the big dipper? :) i do.

And my sketch:

I switched her telescope to the other hand. More natural. As you can see, she was originally going to be standing… but i decided I’d much rather be laying in the grass. :)

The plush are finally LIVE!

SO.. after a little… long while of trying to photograph my plush in natural light, I FINALLY got it, and posted them up on etsy. :)

Introducing.. (from top to bottom) Harold, Fred, and Walter.

Photos taken in my front yard. :) NOW all i need to do is post up photos and listings of all my jewelry. :)


Also, the lovely Cynthia @ It All Changes was my first official customer on my new etsy account. She had me design her a blog header. :)

IF: Caged

I remember those darned baby gates! Didn’t you feel a like a caged animal? Anywho.. that’s what came to mind first!

[Done with Pencils, colored with markers and background done in colored pencils.]

..and here is my absolutely pathetic sketch! I just couldn’t wait to just start drawing. :) I’m impatient that way…


I recommend not announcing to the world that you are on vacation (unless you specify that you are bringing your computer maybe).. my gMail account got hacked. If you received any spam emails from me, I am terribly sorry… All is being worked out.

Also, as you noticed, I’m back from vacation.. found a few nice old things.. Pictures to come.

Leave me alone hackers!