Rolled Paper Flower Tutorial using Book Pages!


Aside from flowers, we wanted something really interesting on our tables for the wedding. We’re using banquet tables, so they are long and rectangular. Therefore, one centerpiece doesn’t really work! We need a line of centerpieces. We have a tall stack of books with flowers for the center, and needed something else on the sides. We’re both into old books, Ian more than myself actually, so I set out to make some book paper flowers!

I came across a few different sites explaining how to make paper flowers. I tried the crumbling method, but rolling is just so much cleaner (and easier).  I took some tips from many different sites, and experimented a little, and figured out which method worked best for me. Then, I took some photos and compiled it into (what I hope is) an easy to follow tutorial!

Let me know if it’s confusing, or if it works for you! I’d love to see your results!




I also have a vintage jar tutorial Waiting in the wings.  :) See the one in the last photo? It used to be clear!

Stay tuned for my next tutorial. How to paint clear jars to make them look the faux vintage blue color!

2 thoughts on “Rolled Paper Flower Tutorial using Book Pages!

  1. These are AMAZING! Thank you!! I can’t cut up any books because it just goes against everything inside me but regular or thicker paper worked great! Thanks again for making this project so simple but beautiful!!

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