Antique & Old things #2

Hello, and Welcome to another segment of “What neat treasures have you Found today?” You can read the #1 Here.

First Up!
This is a Wedding Favor that my grandmother had on display in her home. You strike the match on the lid. I LOVE that its classically Monogrammed. I fell in love with its simplicity. I would hand out matches like this at my wedding (to the adults only of course!). :)

Next, a pair of Vintage Cay-eye glasses I purchased for my Halloween Costume (1950s housewife/ Betty Crocker. :)
Sadly I think they were child-sized! Didn’t fit my face too great, a bit short! Maybe I have a big head? Anywho, I love all the detail on them. :)

I found this necklace in an antique store in Montclair, NJ (i think?) :) .. I cant imagine its that old, but i love it all the same. :) The chain can be removed and it becomes a brooch as well!

This is a Sweater clip (or sweater guard depending on who you ask), I got it for my halloween costume, but I still use it on my cardigans. :)

Stay tuned for more descriptions. I added all of the photos to my Antiques Page up top near my Bio, but these posts will describe in more detail what they are and where I found them. :) If you want to purchase any, let me know. :) Some ARE for sale.

IF: Double

My first thought was a double-cheeseburger because I was so hungry, haha.. so I gave my rabbit friend a double carrot-burger with cheese. :)

First a sketch:

Then the final drawing:

And then i used markers to color it in!

I brought it into photoshop to fix the background.. it was WAY to streaky. This was my first time using markers to color something in completely. Before I was just using them for little bits and pieces. :) Not too bad, right? Colored pencils will always be my favorite though! :) Then, I added the “All You can Eat” sign and the borders and copyright in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe would be proud. :)

I leave for vacation on Saturday! I’m heading to Seneca Lake in Lodi, NY with Ian and his family. :)

This is a Pic of the house we’ll be staying in :

Hope the weather is great, and the wine is tasty, and the antique shops are overflowing with junk! See you all August 9th! Take care! ;)


Some New, Vintage & Antique Findings! #1

This is a small collection of recent findings from a range of Antique Stores, some Garage sales, and some stuff purchased on eBay as well. :)

I’ll post more detailed photos as I get the time. :)

This was my grandfathers lighter.. Not exactly pocket sized, huh?

& now, These are From an Antique Store/ Barn in Cold Spring, NY.

First a Salt (or Pepper) shaker. Only 1 though. It’s beautiful hand blown & etched glass! I didn’t buy his mate though. Couldn’t find it in the store! I hope to fill it with SOMEthing one day. Beads? Buttons? It’s tiny. i love it!

And sitting near the register/ money taking area, I got a multi-strand pearl necklace. Not sure how old, but it needed a nice cleaning, thats for sure!

I LOVE the bead caps near the clasp. :)

I also picked up two Bakelite rings. One green and one White. The white one shattered when I took a tumble. It was in great condition from the 1940s and it gets to me.. and i break it! Typical! Well the green one is still going strong! I don’t have any photos of them though.. sorry!

More Photos to come of all the other items! I Don’t want to overload you just yet. :) Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Denise! + Etsy Coupon!

I haven’t made an Illustration for anyone in quite a while! So with Denise’s birthday being today, i decided to make her one! It was really fun. She’s always wearing something bright and colorful, so it was easy to remember her outfit pieces. She was really happy with it, so I’m happy with it too!

Want your own Illustration done? Click HERE!!!

I was thinking, how cute would it be to get a little drawing of you and a significant other/ fiancee for your Wedding invites? I wanna do that for someone. :) Know anyone who could benefit by having a portrait of themselves? Letterhead? Logos? And at checkout if you tell me that you are a reader of my blog, I’ll give you $2 off any Portrait! :) I do custom blog headers, buttons and etsy headers as well.

Let me know what you think! Please, Pass it on! I need some business! :)

Thank you for reading. <3

Happy Giraffe Baby Day :)

Digital Version:

Printed, Cut and Made!

This is a “New Baby”, “Baby Shower” (or anything you want it to be , baby themed) greeting card I made for my portfolio actually. He’s cute. He matches the elephant card a made a few weeks back. :)

He was made in Adobe Illustrator, and mounted on 3 ply paper, then the words part was mounted on paper, and attached the blue background with foam tape. :) And for an eyeball, a blue gem. Fancy!

I borrowed a little Photo Studio that Ian made at work to shoot his photo. Looks neat. I love shadows. :)

So a Whale, a Dino and an Elephant walk into a bar…

They had a few pints, shared a few tales and after a few hours, decided to call it a night.

Whale belongs to Ian, so he stayed at work (workaholic, he’s a better worker when he’s a got a few beers in him), while the rest went home to meet up with Dino’s sister, Dina. She made them some soup, sandwiches and ice cream sundaes!

They all get along pretty well. It was a very tiring night! They soon got washed up for bed, read a few pages of the classics.. and went to sleep at a reasonable hour.

The End. :)


I’ve been working on these critters for quite a while. Made with fluffy warm fleece, some felt and embroidery thread. They are finally complete! I also now have my official plush tags! (can you see them on the photos?? I feel more professional now. hehe) The front says A Very Good Coat Rack, and the back says “designed & handmade by: Dara Grieco”, and my etsy web address. :)

These Plushy animals will be posted onto etsy (along with my jewelry) as soon as I take better & more creative pictures of them! :) Keep watching my store and add it to your etsy favorites, maybe?

I’ve Been Quite the Busy Bee!

I have been making many a shiny things. :) nothing is 100% ready to go up on etsy yet.. but here is a sneak peek for my readers (if i HAVE any!) Any feedback? Favorites, tips?.. color combos? That would be fantastic to hear! :)

Also i still have my site for now, but i was smart and got the etsy link! That will be where my store resides (once I get some stuff to post up!) Favorite it! and good things shall come your way!



10 necklaces, and 2 sets of earrings. Ian’s mother gave me a ton of vintage buttons to use. They are beautiful and give the pieces something a little extra! I’m wearing the red button/Anchor necklace today! (2 compliments by the way, haha!) I LOVE it! I try and wear them all at least once to check for quality. If it falls off me, i can fix it and make it better, rather than it falling off my customers! :)

If anyone would like to purchase, let me know and I’ll set up a listing right away! I will never deny a sale! :) Also, all the colored beads can be changed to your color choice. They can be customized to your favorite color. :)

Til we meet again!
<3 D

My “Studio”.. aka pathetic Workspace

I cant wait to have a real official spot to make all of my projects. i tend to start and stop! i have half crocheted things in one corner, half sewn things in another.. jewelry parts and buttons spewed in heaps all over… i need a big room with hundred of small dressers with thousand a of drawers. :) i love organization. you’d never know it walking into my room. I only have a small table with my sewing machine.. and the rest of the time i work on my bed and floor . :)

a peek of things to come: