IF: Propagate

Girl bunny gets swept off her feet by boy bunny…. The beginnings of a BIG family. ;)

I went with this part of the definition: Propagate (v): to breed by natural processes (plant, animal..etc.)

Done with Colored Pencils, and Cleaned up in Photoshop. :)

Also, check out my new Blog Header! Likeys?

New Purchases!

So, I have a set of over-sharpened, broken, old Hand-me-down colored pencils.. Pathetic, i know. So, i told myself, Once i start using them more frequently, i will definitely invest in my own set. Well, it seems I’ve been using them MUCH more frequently! So i bought ME a little present.. or a few… haha.

So i Bought a set of 48 Prismacolor Colored pencils.

And i wanted to get more into markers as well! So i invested in a Set of 12 Prismacolor Primary & Secondary color markers, and a set of the 12 New markers colors.

and for smoothness, i bought a few Colorless Blenders for both colored pencils, and markers. :)

I can’t wait to get them in the mail! :) it’s a nice motivation to know i invested some money into my art, rather than just using hand-me-downs. :) Hopefully Ian will teach me some marker tips and tricks. <3

I got my supplies fairly cheap @ Blick’s Art Materials.

Happy Birthday Julianne

Happy Birthday! Today my friend Julie is 21. :) This is her Flickr. She is very talented and an amazing person to know! Send some love to her and everyone you meet today.

This is an illustration i made for her birthday. Along with a crafty card (That i didnt take a photo of :[ ) and a stuffed pink elephant. i hope she liked them! Rebecca is throwing her a birthday party in Albany. i am sad that i cannot make it. :(

i hope you have a lovely birthday Julianne! <3

IF: Adrift

Baby bird couldn’t keep adrift in the wind like mommy…

I couldnt think of a way “Adrift” would make sense, and i didnt want to pick just ANYTHING and force it to fit. :) So.. we have birds in the wind. Mommy is more aerodynamic then clumsy baby bird. Flying wherever the wind takes her…

Tanya’s Birthday Drawing!

Good Afternoon!

Tomorrow is Tanya (another friend/ co-worker)’s Birthday. :) she saw the drawings i made for Pegah and Grace, and wanted one of her own! It came out really well! :) Since its supposed to snow, we did her birthday celebrations this morning, just so nothing got delayed! i had a blueberry bagel with Strawberry cream cheese! THAT is a first for me. the cream cheese, that is. :) Anywhoo.. onto the drawing!

Here it is!

i drew her bracelets, necklace and even her wrist tattoo. :) i’m very pleased with how it came out!

I also made brownies (from scratch). Boxed brownies do NOT taste great. i chopped up some semi-sweet chocolate to throw on top. it melted at the end.. so yummy! its an easy recipe, i’ll post it up at a later date. :)

Next week is another birthday! I need to start making his birthday drawing. i already loaded up on cocoa powder and sugar and supplies for more brownies! There are many ideas floating around this big head of mine! :)

After brownies i decided to try out a new pattern i made. it was supposed to be a different animal.. but as it progressed it ended up looking like a chipmunk.. but i decided that its a mouse with stubby tail. :) Would you pay money for This? i’d like to sell them and make kids smile. :) but this guy is WEIRD looking!

Have a lovely day! :)

IF: Muddy

What’s more fun than jumping in the muddy puddles after a nice rain?

Drawn friday night, and colored saturday morning with Colored Pencils. :)

In other news, i won NOTHING in my Superbowl pool at work. :(

Grace’s B-day Drawing

It is yet another fellow employee, Grace‘s Birthday! So i made her as a cartoon illustration the same way i did for Pegah’s Birthday!

I’m currently stuffing my face of a birthday Cinnamon Raisin bagel with butter, and a chocolate frosted donut and some glazed munchkins. i’m so FULL!

i also made some chocolate brownies real quick last night from scratch for Grace. They went over pretty well!

i need to make more illustrations. This one came out pretty well. I didn’t have an entry for Illustration Friday this week! :( I rushed a drawing and it came out very badly. So i wanted to try again, but i couldn’t get what i wanted to draw, to come out of my brain!

I also need to be cleaner. Straighter, much smoother lines. Simple, but perfect.. rather than messy, crooked and over-worked. I have a tendency to add too much. Thats my goal. Simplify my drawings. :)

Also, any feedback AT ALL is very much appreciated. :) Suggestions? Critiques?

Anyone want a drawing done of themselves?
Email me a photo you would like me to use: ravenastoria@gmail.com

Take care. Have a wonderful day!