Digital Plush Plans

I always thought it’d be neat to be an architect, and work on blue prints all day. I like to plan things out before i do them 50% of the time. Most of those times, i choose to do it with my sketchbook, or digitally, that way i can see what works, and what might look really really awful, haha.

Here are some of my square plushies drawn out in adobe illustrator. Until i think of better names, say hello to Mr. Bear and Mr. Lion. Front, side and back view, haha.

This is what i do at work mostly, except there are child safety warnings, and a lot of measurements all over the place. This is more fun to make anyway!

As soon as i get my hands on some fleece, IT. IS.ON! :)

* Keep a lookout for more designs in the upcoming weeks! Feedback is always appreciated. I want to know what you like, or what you’d change. You are all my customers! You are always right. ;) *

Cuddly Square Baby Bear

Ian’s sister had her baby over the weekend! 4 lbs. 10oz. :) The cutest thing you’ll ever see.

Before our trip to visit her and baby Jakob Quinn, i decided to sew up a prototype of new plush based on Lion Brand Yarns Crochet pattern. This was attempt 1, Bear. :)

weirdest looking thing from the side.

its like a pillow with legs. :) possibly more pathetic pillows to come!

IF: Beneath

Fox awoke in the middle of the night to scary noises coming from beneath her. They were very loud, grumbly noises!

After checking it out, she was very relieved that it was only her best friend Bear! The last time she woke him up, he was very mad.

So she decided it’d be better to let him sleep!

& My sketches. :)