New Purchases!

So, I have a set of over-sharpened, broken, old Hand-me-down colored pencils.. Pathetic, i know. So, i told myself, Once i start using them more frequently, i will definitely invest in my own set. Well, it seems I’ve been using them MUCH more frequently! So i bought ME a little present.. or a few… haha.

So i Bought a set of 48 Prismacolor Colored pencils.

And i wanted to get more into markers as well! So i invested in a Set of 12 Prismacolor Primary & Secondary color markers, and a set of the 12 New markers colors.

and for smoothness, i bought a few Colorless Blenders for both colored pencils, and markers. :)

I can’t wait to get them in the mail! :) it’s a nice motivation to know i invested some money into my art, rather than just using hand-me-downs. :) Hopefully Ian will teach me some marker tips and tricks. <3

I got my supplies fairly cheap @ Blick’s Art Materials.