Antiques & Such in Rhode Island part 2

Sorry for the MASSIVE delay in following up Part 1 of this 2 Part series.
These items were found all over over Rhode Island. A most were from a little shop called “Antique’s in the Attic” (actually located in a nice woman’s attic!)

I bought ziplock bags full of trim, buttons, beads, lace, and misc items.

$1 for a bag, I can’t pass that up. Such cute little trinkets. :)

I am obsessed with the vintage needles packaging. Now it’s all blister cards and paper. sigh…

Bag of vintage bobbins, $2.75 … only 5 actually fit my machine. I wonder what else i could do with these… some were awesomely old. :)

A Sweet little candy Dish!

But this is what i plan on using it for…

And More pyrex!

A little red Refrigerator Dish

And a lime green Single Serve Casserole Dish!

I’m gathering items for use and display in my sewing room! Hopefully it’ll be ready to move in there soon.

Take Care. I have another post of antiques and things for tomorrow. Ian took me to Hawley, PA for my birthday. If you’ve seen my flickr stream, you have a sneak peek! :)

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