Rhode Island Antiques & My First Pyrex!

I feel like I haven’t written in forever! I promise I am not neglecting you, my poor blog.

This past week I was on vacation in Rhode Island (in the Wickford area). We saw Newport, ate at neat places and hunted down many neat and interesting antique shops all week! Here are some of my finds!

Warning… Kind of Photo Heavy….

Fabrics Fabrics Fabrics!

I got some great paisley interior decorating fabrics from a lady who owned “Behind the Times Antiques”. She also sold me this skinny long old valance from the 60s or 70s. (the orangey red floral fabric.) It’s like 8 feet long! I smell mini zippered purses!

The Lace is about 1.5 yards long and will be my curtain sheers soon. :) It’s gorgeous. I got that from a place called “Wren & Thistle Antiques”. The woman there owned the whole building (which was a great looking Bed & Breakfast).

She also sold me these great fancy buttons and my first thimble! Maybe I’ll start a collection just so i can get a neat old letterpress box to display them in. :)

From a HUGE 2 story barn called “Fred’s Antiques” and his 3 story house I only managed to buy these old needles and hook & eye closures. The wool mending thread is all moth eaten, but I thought it was still neat. I always seem to find the sewing things in huge heaps of stuff. It’s a gift. :)

From a Place called “Betty’s Xtra Goodies” I got myself (and Ian’s house) a nice enameled metal casserole dish. I love the brownish peach, colored design.

…Which I dropped o my driveway trying to get a stupid cricket out of my trunk when I got home… stupid crickets… :(

Anyone know a good way to fix it?

I don’t remember the name of this place, but it was in North Kingston above a garden Center.. Here is where I got my first pieces of pyrex! :) I haven’t bought any pieces yet cause I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to collect first and I was having trouble committing.. But this guy had a great price on these autumn colored bowls that I had to get them. :) I like them. I need to do a bit more research, I don’t know what they are called yet.

[Update: Found them! I am 1 big brown bowl short of a full “Americana” Set circa 1966, now I hunt!]

I also bought a little 3 tiered tea/dessert/ sammich platter. I’m gonna put some of my tools, buttons, thimbles and things on it. Easy to grab! Again, I am drawn to the brown/ yellow autumn colors of the 60s and 70s. :)

I’ll leave you guys with that today. I’m sorry for all the photos. I’m just excited to share. I have more pyrex and goodies to share in tomorrows post. I don’t want to overdo it in one sitting. (There’s a lot to see!)

Tune in!
I loved Rhode Island, but I’m glad to be back…
beach rose

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