How to keep Your GPS safe (and warm)…

My sister got a new GPS for Christmas or something, I forget when… She takes it with her everywhere, even in other people’s cars. She wanted a little pouch-like case to cover it up safely while she’s escorting it from car to car.

So we measured it out..
Choose some fabrics..
Picked out a button…

.. and I came up with this!

It was really easy to make. Getting the button placement right was really the hardest part. It took about an hour to make, trial and error (sizing issues).. I had to remember the right way to attach the lining, it’s burgundy fleece. I got to use my trusty Loop Turner for the button loop. If you don’t have one (and you make loops or tunnels)… get one! I LOVE it. It saves me some time and my fingers don’t hurt from poking a pencil through, haha. no ripped seams either! I need to go to Jo Ann Etc for some more fleece for my plush, and to raid the sewing supplies aisle. I always find useful tools there.

Customer Appreciation Photo, haha.

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