More Random Sewing Projects

So.. i decided to create a few little critters. I’ve only got red, burgundy and grey fleece, so an elephant was a good idea. I sewed up a square one based on my new designs these past few weeks. I like sewing elephants. His ears and tail are made with the same fabric as the navigation case I made for my sister a few days ago.

Then I attempted to sew 2 little guys from the new book I bought. Socks Appeal. The stripey guy is an owl made from an ankle sock, and the pink blobby thing is supposed to be a “hamster” (made from an old T-Shirt, not a sock though). HaHa! He kind of reminds me of the Ugly Dolls. They were 100% hand sewn while, you guessed it, watching TV. :) It’s a calming thing for me…

Better pictures of the Elephant to come. He’ll be in my etsy shop soon enough! Hopefully the other Square plush look just as cute as he does. :)

The plush are finally LIVE!

SO.. after a little… long while of trying to photograph my plush in natural light, I FINALLY got it, and posted them up on etsy. :)

Introducing.. (from top to bottom) Harold, Fred, and Walter.

Photos taken in my front yard. :) NOW all i need to do is post up photos and listings of all my jewelry. :)


Also, the lovely Cynthia @ It All Changes was my first official customer on my new etsy account. She had me design her a blog header. :)