Machine Quilted Hot-Pad!

Up until now i’ve been doing all my practice quilts by hand. Completely by hand. A lot of work! So I decided to try machine quilting (which is how I plan to do the main quilt top for Ian’s new nephew’s quilt). Here’s how the hot pad it came out!

I’m very pleased with it! I tried the “in the ditch” quilt method between strips and kept coming out of my ditch, thus the not-so-straight lines, and the dark thread showing on light fabric. The binding was WAY easier than I thought it’d be! Bad thing: I couldn’t quite comprehend “basting” the layers together. I was under the impression that the stitches are invisible and stay in.. none of my book are very clear on how, so i made them very visible and them removed them after quilting and I guess that’s how it’s done? haha. I also quilted lines down the length for decoration as well. :) Came out pretty straight!

Well I’ll probably do a few more practice ones.. This one was 11 inches. By the time I’m ready to start the real quilt, Ian will have a set of hot pads in every size imaginable!

ALSO! My friend Rebecca is going to be hosting a giveaway with one of my jewelry pieces. :) Check back tomorrow for details and how to enter over at her blog!

Take Care, Have a great day! :)

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