New Things Need a Good Cleaning..

So about a year ago, I was given a nice big bag of vintage zippers. Some new-old stock (1963-1970), some modern, and some of various years that seemed to be cut out of clothing. All of which needed a cleaning!

So I began by putting the 75 or 80 zippers in 2 shoebox sized plastic bins. I soaked them in soap & water, (moving them around with my hands like a washing machine). Then I rinsed them out. I repeated that step a few times til the water ran semi-clear. Then, I just let them sit in a mixture of water, soap and detergent overnight. :)

they look like sea monsters.

extreme close up!

Before I left for work today, I “hung them up to dry”.. flattening them as I went. I figured they’d be easier to work with and just felt cleaner if they dried hung over my towel bar rather than crunched up in a plastic container….

That is about 4 layers deep of zippers!

Next up! A simple sweet find from Massachusetts. While looking for antique shops, we stopped to browse a garage sale. I realized during this trip that I didn’t have a neat old vintage jar to house my buttons (as every good seamstress should have)… so I snatched up this bad boy for $0.50. It took a while to get it open because the orange rubber seal had practically melted to the lid. I wonder how long this thing was closed for…

So once again, a nice wash with soap….

And left to soak overnight….

I can’t wait to organize the zippers when they are clean and dry. And I can’t wait to fill my new jar to the top with buttons! I’ve been gathering for quite a while and my collection has outgrown its little tin.. (AND I just bought some neat buttons off of eBay $ etsy). I hope they are delivered soon so I can transfer everyone to their new home. (until they are plucked, sewn and gifted, of course!)

Happy antiquing, searching and cleaning :)

p.s.- You KNOW you love my awesome crazy floral wallpaper. I do. ;)

NEW SHOP! FINALLY up and Running!

i had been trying to set up a Cafe Press Shop for like a MONTH NOW! but products DID NOT want to be “added” to my shop.. therefore it was blank! i finally realized.. maybe its Safari that the problem.. so i downloaded Firefox.. and WHAM! :) Shop is up and running now!

these are just products based on images i’ve made. i havent made anything Especially for CafePress.. hopefully i will soon. and hopefully i make some MONEY! i need it. :) i tried to keep my prices reasonable. sets a price, i can up it as much as i want.. and i only get that amount. Example: $17.99 base price for a t-shirt… i don’t want to over charge.. so i make it $20.. i get $2.01 as profit… so.. it’s gonna be a while before i take anyone out for dinner. :)

Please pass on the word, and buy my THINGS! And let me know if the prices are unreasonable or insane!