You Wanna See Wedding Photos??

I’m sorry i’ve been M.I.A. lately… it’s pretty obvious what i’ve been up to!!  I’m the new member of my husbands family haha. Not sharing new last name. you understand right??  I’m a wife though! How crazy is that?? Anyway.. onto the pics! Some are professional, some are guest photos!

i made all of the decor, programs, and the cake topper! :) We DJ-ed the reception ourselves and everyone pitched in to help us make it such a great day!


Vermont & Random Photos

This weekend i went to Wilmington, Vermont with my family and Ian got to come along!

It was me, my mother, sister, sister boyfriend, Ian and I all in one 4 bed, 2 bath condo. We got there Friday night and Snowmobiled on Saturday morning! The tour guide took a photo of us midway through the trail. From left to right… Ian, Me, my dad, my sister, April and her Boyfriend, Danny. I had a very nice time. :) i LOVE the snow!

This is us at the lodge afterwards enjoying a beer or 2. :) Ian got a Mt. Snow Beer, and i got a Shock Top one. it was belgian white, so it came with an orange. yum! :)

ANNNNNNND… this is my puppy. i love her. Her name is Harley, she is a Daschund. A little over 1 year old. :)

I was a Cat person.. until i got a doggie. <3