Another New Critter named Moxie

I’ve been having a lot of fun creating these square shaped animals. I like using the patterned fabrics, rather than straight forward, brown, pink, white fleece.. etc. They end up more unique, each with their own personality. I’ve been using bits of new and vintage fabric scraps for their tummies, muzzles and ears. Some I’ve used the last bit of that certain fabric, making them one of a kind now! :)

Introducing SquareAnimal #3:

Moxie the Scrap Fabric Bunny

She’s available for adoption in my etsy Store, if anyone has some room for a punky rebel bunny. :)

She’s got some siblings at home that are in the process of being born, haha. So as they get their ears, and legs together, up here they’ll be posted for their “showings” :)

Handmade Holiday Ornaments!

Instead of buying some more little gifts, I decided to be crafty (and also kill time Sunday). I wanted to use up some of my very flashy fabric stash.

I thought it’d be fun to craft up some Christmas Ornaments for people this year. :)

And the backs! i guess i fancied the gold…

My favorite one I think is the tall, long stripey tree with the velvet button. All the buttons are vintage. :) and i embroidered that garland on the other tree.

These were fun to make.

Especially with a Law & Order marathon going in the background… :)

What a Perfect Sunday.. now the stress starts. 4 days til Christmas! Hope you’re ready!