So… I’ve thought long and hard about this

I wanted to start a wedding blog… i thought that it would be fun and would help me to not be such a psychopath keeping track of details. Plus it is sort of a keepsake in itself.

After the thought of having 3 blogs and a wedding website (which is not a blog, but it was free and but don’t get to ramble on it)… ahem, the thought of three blogs was a bit overwhelming. I do not want to start neglecting my first blog. This one was my test to my internet writing skills. Am I able to connect with absolute strangers? I may have only 20-something readers, but I am extremely thankful for those 20-something readers.

For the next.. oh let’s see… 10.3 months (305 days! and probably a bit after) this will be my new wedding journal. (some regular crafting things will be posted as well!)

I apologize in advance if you hate wedding blogs and want no part in this. I wonder how many readers I shall lose…I’ve pondered that for a while, but decided, this is my blog. It is, above all else, for me right?

Keep tuned for event space, caterer things and details to come!

One More header = 1 More happy Customer!

This header was created for the fantastic Lacey! She’s been really great and knew exactly what she wanted. It was fun to create images based on stock photos. Saves some money, and i think it give it a much better look overall. I’m glad that she was pleased with my renditions of her found photos. :)