Good News! Another wedding :)

Before i get to the news, I just want to say WOW!
My family planned and perfectly executed a surprise engagement party for Ian and I on March 10th. I had no idea! My dad’s birthday is the 11th, so I was told to show up for HIS surprise party. It was well done! All of my family was there and Ian’s family. We feel so blessed to have everyone there for us. It was surreal having my aunt siting next to his uncle telling a story to my best friend and her boyfriend. It was just insane. That was the word of that day, “this is insane”.  :)

Thank you everyone. <3

Okay, on to the News!

My older sister, April and her wonderful boyfriend, Danny are newly ENGAGED! It happened March 15th in their apartment just like they both had imagined. (her ring is gorgeous btw).  :)

We’re so happy for her. She’s my Maid of Honor and also the Maid of Honor in another wedding 3 weeks before mine! She’s got a lot on her plate for sure. I’m her Maid of Honor, yay! :) I’m super excited for them. Super super excited!

April is a teacher, so they are thinking about a Summer 2013 wedding to fit around Summer vacation. :)

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