Potholder, Tablerunner & 4 New Swaps!

So i finally finished my potholder. I really shouldn’t have posted it yet, because my partner could see it! She’s received it, and i don’t think that the surprise was spoiled. phew! sadly, i was in a rush to box it up and send it out that i forgot to take a final photo!

here is a bad cell picture of the “quilt-top” and the cupcake applique. Hand cut, and embroidered on the bottom right corner. :) i wanted a nice modern color palette without being too juvenile.

I used striped pink and white for the binding. It looked super cute. Maybe I’ll make one for myself one day. I also finally used one of my iron on labels! I had them made by a nice lady in Australia via etsy, but i haven’t used them yet. It looked mighty professional. I will make sure to post better and more photos on my next swap.

The swap I received was a gorgeous handmade quilted table runner by a great crafter! I can’t wait to find a place to use it. hopefully one day i get her assigned to make, and i can make her something i return. :)

While on the topic of new swaps, I joined Round 12! Craft a surprise for you partner. :) Same theme as last time. Pick something you are good at, and send it away to your assigned partner. I have a few ideas, but since partners were already assigned, I’m keeping them secret!

i also joined 2 other swaps, Folllow my Craft Blog, and Follow my Art Blog. These are email only swaps. You are assigned 5 people to email your link to. They check it out and see if they wanna follow you. 5 people were assigned to me as well, so receive 5 new blogs to check out. Its great for inspiration, and gaining new readers. Welcome all who have arrived from swap bot! :)

I also joined 2 MORE swaps! These will be my first 2 ATC swaps. (Artist Trading Cards) You create mini pieces of art, 2.5 in x 3.5 inches, in whatever style you want. It should showcase you, or the theme chosen. :) Mine are Alphabet ATCs, so the themes are “H is for…” and “I is for…”. they are mounted on thick card stock like real trading cards, and can be traded to other swappers or displayed on a wall!

I’m gonna need two good words that starts with I, and H…. :)

Let me know if you are playing along! Happy swapping!


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