Quilting Research Trip to the Library

I got these books!

And also unrelated.. i got this one on Audiobook:

It’s to listen to while in traffic. Audiobooks are so great. Why has it taken me so long to start listening?!

Now I cant wait to go home and start reading and learning some more! Ian’s sister is having a boy! So I’ve gotta get some cute male, blue, boyish, tough, animal, cars, planes, automobile-themed fabrics. :)

Also i’m in the market for a rotary cutter. Been looking around and comparing prices.

I’m liking this fiskars one.
QUESTION: Is it worth buying the Pinking Blade? will it cut through the fabric? or is it just for scrapbooking?

2 thoughts on “Quilting Research Trip to the Library

  1. Dara, I have that Friskers one, I have it almost 7 years now and it still works. I don’t have the pinking blade though, so I can’t tell you if it will work BUT if you want to make sure it works, why don’t you get yourself a pair of scissors that do the same? For fabric they’ll be much more easier to work I think, because if you need to re-do it it will be a lot easier to match the pattern.
    Just a thought…

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