Quilted Coaster

I warn you, this post is long and full of photos. I tried condensing them down a bit.

So I REALLY REALLY want a make a quilt for Ian’s sister. She is about 5 months pregnant with baby #2! They find out the gender next week. In the meantime, I’m trying my hand at mini quilt projects. Here is number one. This was my absolute FIRST attempt at quilting. Technically this would be considered just Patchwork, since I didn’t “Quilt” through the triangles.. but its a “quilted” coaster none-the-less. :) Here it is in pretty much, a photo-story.

First I drew out a few patterns, and chose the one i liked best.

Then, picked out a few fabrics. 4 for the triangles, and 1 for the backing.

So i cut out my squares, 2 inches by 2inches. then i cut them into triangles. :)

Then I arranged them the way i liked the best.

Next, I sewed together the edges of the triangles with a running stitch adjacent to each other in the design.

After all the little triangles are paired with their mates, the newly formed squares get sewn together now!

And then those newly formed rectangles find their mates and form a square once again!

[SIDE NOTE: I originally wanted then to form a diamond in the center, but after looking at the sewn triangles, I liked the pinwheel better, and changed mid-way through. Haha.]

Better View of finished Center:

I love to watch TV while I do projects. It takes all of the work out of it, if you know what i mean. Rather than sitting at a desk, with a bright light, and forcing myself to focus.

Next, I sewed on the border. I cut 4 strips of Navy Blue fabric and sewed them around the outer edge of my pinwheel.

NEXT! It’s time to put some batting inside. (I didnt have any batting, so i used two layers of felt. HAHA. All the quilters in the world are shaking their heads at me and sighing loudly..) I used a few tack stitches to hold the felt to the Quilt-top.

You may notice the hole cut into the center of the felt. I am also stupid and did not press ANY of my seams and lines while sewing the edges. So now i had a huge bump right in the center where all the triangles joined. So to make it not get bumpier, i cut the hole out so that way, the felt filled in the area, but the bump didn’t get bigger. it went through the felt and sat nice and level.

View of the back after sewing around the batting. It was sort of like sewing a pillow. I put both RIGHT sides of the fabric together, sewed around the outside, and turned it inside out and stitched the open area closed.

FINISHED Product. You can Sit a Nice cold drink on it too.

One thought on “Quilted Coaster

  1. Ahhh Dara! I need to teach you to quilt. I’m not the best but I love teaching it because it is so much fun and relaxing. I’ve been doing it since I was 14.

    I actually have a funny post about a baby quilt I just made going up next week. I’d love to teach you :-)

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