IF: Double

My first thought was a double-cheeseburger because I was so hungry, haha.. so I gave my rabbit friend a double carrot-burger with cheese. :)

First a sketch:

Then the final drawing:

And then i used markers to color it in!

I brought it into photoshop to fix the background.. it was WAY to streaky. This was my first time using markers to color something in completely. Before I was just using them for little bits and pieces. :) Not too bad, right? Colored pencils will always be my favorite though! :) Then, I added the “All You can Eat” sign and the borders and copyright in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe would be proud. :)

I leave for vacation on Saturday! I’m heading to Seneca Lake in Lodi, NY with Ian and his family. :)

This is a Pic of the house we’ll be staying in :

Hope the weather is great, and the wine is tasty, and the antique shops are overflowing with junk! See you all August 9th! Take care! ;)


One thought on “IF: Double

  1. Hey Dara! Great illustration and cool use of traditional and electronic media. Love your concept and your artwork! Have a great time…. don’t forget your sketchbook!

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